3.182 EIM - Ellerslie Medium Industrial Zone

To allow for a high quality industrial Zone for those manufacturing, processing, assembly, distribution, service, and repair Uses that carry out a portion of their operation outdoors or require outdoor storage areas. In general, any Nuisance factor associated with the Uses in this Zone must not extend beyond the boundaries of the Site and these Sites must be located on Interior Sites adjacent to local industrial Streets, such that these Uses are separated from nearby residential and community Zones by a higher quality industrial business zone.

Commercial Uses #
2.1. Custom Manufacturing
2.2. Indoor Sales and Service, limited to:
2.2.1. Animal Hospitals and Shelters;
2.2.2. Auctioneering Establishments; and
2.2.3. Equipment Rentals
Industrial Uses #
2.3. Minor Industrial, not including Fleet Services and Recycling Depots
2.4. Indoor Self Storage
Community Uses
2.5. Special Event
Agricultural Uses
2.6. Urban Agriculture
Sign Uses
2.7. Fascia Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.8. Freestanding Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.9. Projecting Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.10. Portable Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising


Commercial Uses
4.1. Vehicle Support Services and Uses with Drive-through Services must comply with Section 6.110.
Community Uses
4.2. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
4.3. Urban Agriculture
4.3.1. With the exception of outdoor display areas of products for sale, Urban Agriculture Uses must be located within or on a building.
4.3.2. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsection 4.3.1 based on the recommendations provided in an Environmental Site Assessment in compliance with Section 7.140.
Sign Uses
4.4. Signs must comply with Subsections 3 and 7 of Section 6.90.


Parking, Loading, Storage and Access
6.1. No parking, loading, storage, waste collection, outdoor service, or display area is permitted within a Setback.
6.2. Storage, waste collection and service areas must be located to the rear or sides of a principal building and be screened from view from Streets and from Abutting Sites, except where:
6.2.1. the Street is a Local Road serving an IH or IM Zone; or
6.2.2. the Abutting Site is within an IH or IM Zone.
6.3. Screening from Abutting Sites must be in the form of Landscaping, planting, berming, masonry walls, wood Fencing, or other artificial features.
6.4. The Height of screening specified in Subsections 6.2 and 6.3 must be a minimum of 1.8 m and a maximum of 3.7 m, except for trees and shrubs.
6.5. Lighting for display, storage, and Parking Areas must be mounted on lamp standards or building walls and no exposed bulbs or strings of lights may be used. Lighting must comply with Section 5.120.