3.13 A3 - Louise McKinney Riverfront Park Zone


To allow for development of the Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, a unique, recreational, cultural and educational attraction located in the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The Environmental Protection Sectors include environmentally sensitive areas that will be preserved in their natural state. The Activity Sectors allow for development that is consistent with Council approved Master Plans.  

This Zone applies to the Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, located on a portion of Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1521205, south of Grierson Hill Road and west of 95 Street, as shown on Appendix I.

Community Uses
5.1. Child Care Services may only be permitted within the Activity Sectors, as shown on Appendix I.
5.2. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40
5.3. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Commercial Uses
5.4. Food and Drink Services, Indoor Sales and Services, and Minor Indoor Entertainment may only be permitted within the Activity Sectors, as shown on Appendix I.
5.5. Food and Drink Services
5.5.1. A maximum of 5 individual establishments may be permitted.
5.5.2. The maximum Floor Area is 400 m2 per individual establishment.
Sign Uses
5.6. Signs are limited to On-premises Advertising
5.7. Signs must comply with Section 6.90.
Accessory Uses
5.8. Accessory Uses are limited to those required for the operation, administration, maintenance, customer information and service, temporary storage, and visitor amenities for the principal Use.


6.1. No development, except essential drainage infrastructure, is permitted in the Environmental Protection Sectors, as shown on Appendix I.
6.2. The maximum Height is 10.0 m.
6.3. Despite Subsection 6 of Section 7.100, the Development Planner may vary the maximum Height where:
6.3.1. features essential to the Use make the regulation unreasonable to comply with; and 
6.3.2. the design of the proposed development seeks to minimize the potential impact to the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System.
6.4. The Development Planner, in consultation with the City department responsible for ecological planning:
6.4.1. must require an environmental review where specified in an applicable statutory plan
6.4.2. must, where applicable, apply conditions to the Development Permit to ensure that the recommendations resulting from the environmental review are met; and
6.4.3. may refuse a Discretionary Development Permit application if they conclude, through the information collected in Subsection 6.4.1, that the environmental impacts of the proposed development cannot be adequately mitigated to the satisfaction of the Development Planner.