7.110 Approvals Required and Development Categories

1.1. No person may:  
1.1.1. undertake, or cause or allow to be undertaken, a development; or
1.1.2. carry on, or cause or allow to be carried on, a development,
without a Development Permit issued under this Section.
1.2. Despite Subsection 1.1, a Development Permit is not required where a development is in compliance with Section 7.120.


2.1. An issued Development Permit means that a proposed development has been reviewed against the provisions of this Bylaw. It does not remove obligations to conform with other legislation, bylaws or land title instruments including, but not limited to:
2.1.1. the Municipal Government Act;
2.1.2. the Safety Codes Act;
2.1.3. the Historical Resources Act; and
2.1.4. caveats, restrictive covenants, or easements that may be attached to the Site.


3.1. This Bylaw contains the following development categories:
3.1.1. Permitted Development;
3.1.2. Discretionary Development; and
3.1.3. No Development Permit Required.
3.2. A Permitted Development includes a development that:
3.2.1. is a Permitted Use;
3.2.2. is Accessory to a Permitted Use; or
3.2.3. is in a Direct Control Zone,
for which a Development Permit application is required and the application fully complies with the regulations of this Bylaw. 
3.3. As specified in Section 7.100, the Development Planner must approve a Development Permit for a Permitted Development.
3.4. A Discretionary Development includes a development that:
3.4.1. is a Discretionary Use;
3.4.2. is Accessory to a Discretionary Use;
3.4.3. despite Subsection 3.2.2, is an Accessory Use to a non-Residential Use in a residential Zone;
3.4.4. requires a variance to 1 or more regulations of this Bylaw; or
3.4.5. is indicated as a Discretionary Development in this Bylaw.
3.5. As specified in Section 7.100 of this Bylaw, the Development Planner may or may not approve a Development Permit for a Discretionary Development.
3.6. No Development Permit Required means a development that complies with the criteria specified in Section 7.120 of this Bylaw.