6.20 Body Rub Centres


1. At the time a Development Permit application is submitted, a Body Rub Centre must be located to provide minimum separation distances in compliance with Table 1:
Table 1. Minimum Separation Distance
Subsection From approved or existing: 100 m 
(from Site to Site)
Must be on a separate Site
1.1. Child Care Services x  
1.2. Schools, limited to primary and secondary x  
1.3. Health Care Facilities x  
1.4. Bars   x
1.5. Residential Uses   x
  From Sites Zoned:    
1.6. PS, PSN, or A x
2. For the purposes of Subsection 1, when measuring separation distances:
2.1 from Site to Site, the distance is measured from the closest point of the subject Site boundary to the closest point of another Site boundary, and not Zone boundaries.
Diagram for Subsection 2
Diagram for Section - measuring separation distances
3. A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment must be submitted as part of a Development Permit application for Body Rub Centres, in compliance with Section 5.110, to the satisfaction of the Development Planner in consultation with the appropriate City department.
4. The Development Planner may include recommendations of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment as conditions of a Development Permit for a Body Rub Centre, in compliance with Section 5.110.