6.40 Child Care Services


1. At the time a Development Permit application is submitted, a Child Care Service must: 
1.1. not be located in a building bay Abutting a Minor Industrial Use; and
1.2. not be located on a Site Abutting a Site in the IH Zone or a Major Utilities Use.
2. Where required, risk assessments for Child Care Services must be provided in compliance with Section 7.140.
3. On-Site outdoor play spaces for Child Care Services must comply with the following:
3.1. play spaces must be designed, located, Landscaped, and screened to enhance safety and mitigate a Nuisance from other on-Site Uses, waste collection areas, Surface Parking Lots, outdoor storage areas, queuing spaces, loading spaces, rail lines, Streets, Alleys, mechanical equipment and exhaust systems;
3.2. play spaces must be located a minimum of 2.0 m away from mechanical equipment and exhaust systems;
3.3. play spaces at ground level must be Fenced on all sides and all gates must be self-latching; and
3.4. play spaces above ground level must have secure perimeter railings or walls with a minimum Height of 1.8 m.
4. Despite Subsection 3.3, Fencing is not required where:
4.1. outdoor play space is proposed to share existing play equipment on Sites Zoned PS and PSN; or
4.2. an exemption is permitted by the Government of Alberta.