Minor Industrial

Minor Industrial means a development used primarily for 1 or more of the following activities: 

  • processing raw materials; 
  • manufacturing, cleaning, servicing, repairing or testing materials, goods and equipment;
  • handling, storing, or shipping equipment, goods, and materials;
  • training, research and development laboratories; or
  • distributing and selling materials, goods and equipment to institutions and industrial and commercial businesses.

Any resulting Nuisance is less impactful than those permitted under the Major Industrial Use.

Typical examples include: auto body repair and paint shops, Cannabis Production and Distribution, commercial recycling depots, contractor and construction services, equipment or vehicle repair and storage facilities, laboratories, landscaping centres, limo service, materials storage, research facilities, taxi service, truck yard, vehicle (truck, aircraft, mobile homes, etc.) and equipment sales and rentals, and warehouses.