3.181 EIB - Ellerslie Industrial Business Zone

To allow for light industrial businesses and high technology developments that carry out their operations such that no Nuisance factor is created or apparent outside an enclosed building and such that the Zone is compatible with any adjacent non-industrial Zone.

Commercial Uses #
2.1. Cannabis Retail Store
2.2. Custom Manufacturing
2.3. Indoor Sales and Service, limited to:
2.3.1. Auctioneering Establishments;
2.3.2. Business Support Services; and 
2.3.3. Equipment Rentals
2.4. Office
2.5. Vehicle Support Service, not including:
2.5.1. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops; and 
2.5.2. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services 
Industrial Uses #
2.6. Minor Industrial, not including Fleet Services and Recycling Depots
2.7. Indoor Self Storage
Community Uses
2.8. Special Event
Sign Uses
2.9. Fascia Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.10. Freestanding Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.11. Projecting Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising
2.12. Portable Sign, limited to On-premises Advertising


Commercial Uses #
3.1. Indoor Sales and Service, limited to:
3.1.1. Commercial Schools;  
3.1.2. Convenience Retail Stores;
3.1.3. Limited Contractor Services;  
3.1.4. Market;  
3.1.5. Media Studios;  
3.1.6. Mobile Catering Food Services;  
3.1.7. Personal Service Shops; and  
3.1.8. Veterinary Services  
3.2. Outdoor Sales and Service  
3.3. Bar
3.4. Body Rub Centre  
3.5. Food and Drink Service  
3.6. Health Service  
3.7. Major Indoor Entertainment, limited to Nightclubs  
3.8. Minor Indoor Entertainment  
3.9. Residential Sales Centre  
3.10. Vehicle Support Services, limited to:  
3.10.1. Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops; and 
3.10.2. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
Industrial Uses #
3.11. Minor Industrial, limited to:
3.11.1. Fleet Services  
3.11.2. Recycling Depots  
3.12. Crematorium  
Community Uses #
3.13. Child Care Service  
3.14. Community Service, limited to:  
3.14.1. Indoor Participant Recreation Services; and  
3.14.2. Religious Assembly   
3.15. Outdoor Recreation Service  
Basic Services Uses
3.16. Recycling Drop-off Centre  
Agricultural Uses
3.17. Urban Agriculture
Sign Uses
3.18. Minor Digital Sign


Commercial Uses
4.1. Bars, Food and Drink Services, and Nightclubs must comply with the following, where adjacent to or across an Alley from a Site zoned residential:
4.1.1. The maximum capacity is 200 occupants for each individual establishment.  
4.1.2. The maximum Public Space is 240 m2 for each individual establishment.  
4.2. Convenience Retail Stores, Food and Drink Services, Bars, Personal Service Shops, and Nightclubs must be part of an office or industrial project and be intended to service and support a principal Industrial or Office Use.  
4.3. Health Services must be on Sites located on major collector or higher standard Streets that provide access to a residential area or provide locational convenience to both residents and users of the industrial area.  
4.4. The size, location, screening and Landscaping of the outdoor vehicle display areas for Outdoor Sales and Services are subject to the approval of the Development Planner, who must ensure that development of the Site is compatible with the appearance of Site design of surrounding developments.  
4.5. Body Rub Centres must comply with Section 6.20.  
4.6. Cannabis Retail Stores must comply with Section 6.30.  
4.7. Vehicle Support Services and Uses with Drive-through Services must comply with Section 6.110.  
Community Uses
4.8. Child Care Services must be part of an office or industrial project and be intended to service and support a principal Industrial or Office Use.  
4.9. Community Services in the form of indoor participant recreation services and Outdoor Recreation Services must be on Sites located on major collector or higher standard Streets that provide access to a residential area or provide locational convenience to both residents and users of the industrial area.  
4.10. The following regulations apply to Community Services in the form of Religious Assembly developments:  
4.10.1. Sites are limited to those that are either adjacent to a major Arterial or Collector Road, or located on the periphery of the industrial area.  
4.10.2. The Development Planner may require additional building Setbacks, Landscaping, and screen planting requirements to ensure compatibility with adjacent Uses, having due regard to surrounding existing and future development allowed under this Zone.   
4.10.3. The Development Planner may refuse an application for Community Services in the form of a Religious Assembly development if the adjacent industrial development is incompatible with the proposed development, having regard to any Nuisance of the industrial development.  
4.10.4. Religious Assemblies must not include rectories, manses, dormitories, convents, monasteries, and other associated residential buildings.  
4.11. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40.  
4.12. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.  
Agricultural Uses
4.13. Urban Agriculture  
4.13.1. With the exception of outdoor display areas of products for sale, Urban Agriculture Uses must be located within or on a building.  
4.13.2. The Development Planner may consider a variance to Subsection 4.13.1 based on the recommendations provided in an Environmental Site Assessment in compliance with Section 7.140.  
Sign Uses
4.14. Signs must comply with Subsections 3 and 6 of Section 6.90.  
Public Space and Capacity Exceptions
4.15. The Development Planner may consider a variance to the maximum Public Space or capacity of a Use if adequate mitigation measures are used to reduce negative impacts to on-Site or Abutting Uses, including:  
4.15.1. measures specified in Subsection 2 of Section 5.120;   
4.15.2. modification of Site plans to locate Uses or activities in a location to minimize noise, lighting, odour or other similar Nuisances; or  
4.15.3. other similar measures.  


5.1. Development must comply with Table 5.1:
Table 5.1. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Floor Area Ratio
5.1.1. Maximum Floor Area Ratio 1.2
5.1.2. Maximum Height 12.0 m
5.1.3. Minimum Setback where any Lot line of a Site Abuts:
  • a Street;
  • the property line of a commercial Zone
  • the property line of a residential Zone; or 
  • a stormwater management facility or the private open space corridor, as defined in the Ellerslie Area Structure Plan
6.0 m
5.1.4. Minimum Setback Abutting all other Sites 0 m
5.2. Where this Zone is applied along a major Collector or Arterial Road, the minimum Site Frontage is 30.0 m, unless access is provided from a service road.
5.3. Despite Subsection 6 of Section 7.100, the Development Planner may vary the maximum Height by increasing it up to 14.0 m to accommodate building features that are necessary to the operation of a proposed Minor Industrial Use.


Building Design Regulations
6.1. Where a building wall is associated with Indoor Self Storage, or is greater than 25.0 m in length and faces a Collector Road or Arterial Road, the Facade must be articulated using 2 or more design features to minimize the perception of massing, eliminate large blank walls, provide visual interest, and enhance the appearance of buildings during winter months. Design features may include:
6.1.1. variations in rooflines;
6.1.2. vertical or horizontal building wall projection or recessions; 
6.1.3. visual breaks of building facades into smaller sections;
6.1.4. using a variety of finishing materials;
6.1.5. windows at regular intervals; and
6.1.6. other similar features.
6.2. All mechanical and electrical equipment, transformers, ducts, cooling towers, materials handling equipment or other similar exposed projections must be screened from view from Abutting Streets and Sites in non-industrial Zones.
Parking, Loading, Storage and Access
6.3. No parking, loading, storage, waste collection, outdoor service, or display area is permitted within a Setback.
6.4. Despite Subsection 6.3, parking and display areas may project into a Setback Abutting a Site in a residential Zone where a minimum 3.0 m Landscape Buffer is provided within the Setback.
6.5. Any waste collection area, open storage area, or outdoor service area including any loading, unloading, or vehicle service area that is visible from any adjoining Site, must be screened from view from the adjoining Site. Landscaping, planting, berming, masonry walls, wood Fencing, or other artificial features must be provided from the ground to a Height of 1.8 m to block the view from an Abutting Site.
6.6. Lighting for display, storage, and Parking Areas must be mounted on lamp standards or building walls and no exposed bulbs or strings of lights shall be used. Lighting must comply with Section 5.120.
6.7. Outdoor display areas visible from an Abutting Site in a residential Zone must be located, screened and Landscaped to be compatible with surrounding developments.