5.20 Amenity Areas


1. Developments with more than 8 Dwellings must provide a minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 per Dwelling, except that: 
1.1. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 for every 3 Sleeping Units must be provided for Supportive Housing or Lodging Houses with more than 8 Sleeping Units.
2. Each Dwelling or Sleeping Unit must have access to required Amenity Areas, provided as a Private Outdoor Amenity Area or Common Amenity Area.
3. The minimum length and width of a required Amenity Area is 1.5 m.
4. Where a required Amenity Area Abuts an Arterial Road, a minimum Setback of 1.0 m must be provided.
5. The boundary of required Amenity Areas at ground level must be defined by incorporating Fencing or Landscaping elements such as planters, hedges, hard or soft surface treatments such as Pathways, or raised structures.
Outdoor Common Amenity Area Regulations
6. Where required Amenity Area is provided as outdoor Common Amenity Area, it must: 
6.1. have a minimum area of 50.0 m2. If the total required Amenity Area on Site is less than 50.0 m2, then the minimum area is 30.0 m2;
6.2. be accessible by all residents of the Site;
6.3. be clearly visible from above-ground windows, where provided at ground level;
6.4. have access to sunlight; and
6.5. include seating and lighting.
Indoor Common Amenity Area Regulations
7. Where required Amenity Area is provided as indoor Common Amenity Area, it must:
7.1. have a minimum area of 15.0 m2;
7.2. not include common circulation areas such as lobbies and corridors; and
7.3. include furniture and fixtures that allow for active or passive recreation.
8. Where provided, indoor Common Amenity Areas are not included in the calculation of Floor Area Ratio.