3.172 GLD - Griesbach Low Density Residential Zone

Residential Uses
4.1. Home Based Businesses must comply with Section 6.60.
4.2. Residential
4.2.1. The maximum number of Dwellings is: 2 principal Dwellings per Lot for Single Detached Housing; 2 Dwellings per Lot for Semi-detached and Duplex Housing; and 16 Dwellings per Lot for Row Housing, with a maximum of 4 Dwellings per building.
4.2.2. The total number of Row Housing Dwellings must be less than or equal to 5% of the total estimated number of Dwellings in the GLD Zone.
4.2.3. Subdivision applications for Row Housing Dwellings must provide a calculation that determines the maximum potential number of Dwelling Units in the GLD Zone
4.2.4. Backyard Housing must comply with Section 6.10
Community Uses
4.3. Child Care Services must comply with Section 6.40
4.4. Special Events must comply with Section 6.100.
Agricultural Uses
4.5. Urban Agriculture must not be the only Use in a principal building.
Sign Uses
4.6. Sign Uses must comply with Subsections 3 and 4 of Section 6.90


5.1. Development must comply with Table 5.1:
Table 5.1. Site and Building Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
Site Area
5.1.1. Minimum Site area per Single Detached Housing Dwelling 270 m2
5.1.2. Minimum Site area per Duplex Housing Dwelling 210 m2
5.1.3. Minimum Site area per Semi-detached Housing Dwelling 240 m2
5.1.4. Minimum Site area per Row Housing Dwelling 180 m2
Site Width
5.1.5. Minimum Site Width for Single Detached Housing Dwelling 9.0 m
5.1.6. Minimum Site Width for Duplex Housing Dwelling 7.0 m
5.1.7. Minimum Site Width for Semi-detached Housing Dwelling 8.0 m
5.1.8. Minimum Site Width for Row Housing Dwelling 6.0 m
5.1.9. Maximum Height 12.0 m
5.1.10. Despite Section 5.70, maximum Height for an eave line 9.0 m
5.2. Site Coverage must comply with Table 5.2:
Table 5.2. Site Coverage Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value
5.2.1. Maximum total Site Coverage 53%
5.2.2. Maximum Site Coverage for principal buildings 35%
5.2.3. Maximum Site Coverage for Accessory buildings 18%
5.2.4. Maximum Site Coverage for Backyard Housing 18%
5.2.5. Maximum Site Coverage for a principal building with attached Garage 53%
5.3. Despite Subsection 5.2.1, 5.2.2, and 5.2.5, an additional Site Coverage of 2% is allowed to accommodate single Storey unenclosed front porches. 
5.4. Setbacks must comply with Table 5.4:
Table 5.4. Setback Regulations 
Subsection Regulation Value
Front Setback
5.4.1. Minimum Front Setback 3.0 m
Unless the following applies:
5.4.2. Minimum Front Setback for Row Housing 1.0 m
Rear Setback
5.4.3. Minimum Rear Setback 7.5 m
Unless 1 or more of the following applies:
5.4.4. Minimum Rear Setback for Corner Sites 4.5 m
5.4.5. Minimum Rear Setback for an attached Garage 1.2 m
Side Setback
5.4.6. Minimum Interior Side Setback 1.2 m
5.4.7. Minimum Flanking Side Setback 3.0 m
6.1. Semi-detached Housing and Row Housing must provide definition through the use of architectural features such as individual rooflines or roofline features, projections or recessions of the Facade, individual porches or entrance features, or other treatments.
6.2. On Corner Sites, the principal building Facades facing a Street must use consistent exterior finishing materials and architectural features.
6.3. Each Dwelling that is adjacent to a Street, must have an entrance door or entrance feature such as a front porch, deck, or landing area that faces the Street


Parking, Loading, and Access
7.1. Vehicle access must be from an Alley where a Site Abuts an Alley