5.10 Accessory Uses, Buildings and Structures


1. Any Use may be Accessory to a listed Use in the Zone, if the Use complies with the definition of Accessory in the Bylaw.
2. Despite Subsection 1, Signs must not be approved as an Accessory Use
3. An Accessory building or structure must not be used for residential living purposes.
4. Where a building or structure on a Site is attached to a principal building: 
4.1. by a roof; or
4.2. by a floor or a foundation greater than 1.0 m above Grade,
it is a part of the principal building and is not an Accessory building.
5. Unless otherwise provided in this Bylaw, an Accessory building or structure on a Corner Site or a Double Fronting Site is subject to the Front Setback requirements for the Site as specified by Section 5.130 of this Bylaw.
6. An Accessory building or structure in a non-residential Zone must comply with the development regulations of the underlying Zone
7. For Zero Lot Line Development, an Accessory building or structure must not encroach on the easement area, except for eaves and footings as permitted by a private easement.
8. Unless otherwise specified in this Bylaw, Accessory buildings or structures located in residential Zones must comply with Table 8:
Table 8. Accessory Building or Structures Regulations
Subsection Regulation Value Symbol
8.1. Maximum Height 4.3 m -
8.2. Maximum Site Coverage 20% -
8.3. Minimum Setback 0.6 m A
Unless 1 or more of the following applies:
8.4. Minimum Setback from the Garage door of a detached Garage where the door faces an Alley 1.2 m B
8.5. Minimum Rear or Interior Side Setback for an Accessory building that has a maximum Height less than or equal to 2.4 m measured to the peak of the roof 0 m -
8.6. Minimum Setback between an Accessory building and at least 1 Interior Side Lot Line where a Site is developed as Reverse Housing 1.2 m C

Diagram for Section 8.3, 8.4, and 8.6

Diagram for 5.10_8.3_8.4_8.6
8.7. Minimum Interior Side Setback where a mutual Garage is built on a common Lot line 0 m -
8.8. Minimum Interior Side Setback where the building is Accessory to a Zero Lot Line Development and meets the requirements of Subsection 6.4 of the RSF Zone 0 m -
Accessory Building Location
8.9. Accessory buildings are not permitted in a Front Yard - -
8.10. Minimum distance between an Accessory building and any other building on the same Site 0.9 m -
8.11. Where an Interior Side Setback of an Accessory building is less than 0.3 m, the building must not obstruct a required drainage swale - -
9. There is no minimum distance between swimming pools, hot tubs, rinks, ornamental ponds, and similar features and a principal building or Accessory building or structure.
10. Swimming pools, ornamental ponds, flagpoles, ornaments, or similar features may be located in a Setback, except that:
10.1. Swimming pools and hot tubs are not permitted within a Front Setback.
Solar Collectors
11. Solar Collectors must comply with the following:
11.1. Rooftop mounted Solar Collectors may project a maximum of 1.5 m in Height from the surface of the roof of a building in a residential Zone. The Solar Collectors may extend up to 1.5 m above the maximum permitted Height of the Zone.
11.2. Rooftop mounted Solar Collectors must not extend beyond the eave or the edge of a roof.
11.3. Wall mounted Solar Collectors may project a maximum of 1.5 m into any required Setback except that they must maintain a minimum distance of 0.6 m from the Lot line.