Renewable Energy Device

Renewable Energy Device means a device where energy is derived from sources that are not depleted by using them, these include:
a. Co-generation production of electricity and thermal energy from the same source, for example, rejected heat from industrial processes can be used to power an electric generator and surplus heat from an electric generator can be used for industrial processes or for heating purposes (also referred to as combined heat and power – chp).
b. District Energy refers to a group of buildings sharing one energy supply for both heating and cooling (does not produce electricity).
c. Solar Collector means a non-reflective device, used to collect sunlight that is used to convert radiant energy from the sun into thermal or electrical energy.
d. Geothermal/ Earth Energy refers to tapping the heat of the earth itself kilometres deep into the earth’s crust. This type of energy is also referred to as geothermal energy, though geo-thermal usually refers to the energy derived from areas much deeper beneath the earth’s surface.
e. Wind Energy Conversion System commonly known as Wind Turbines refers to wind power that is produced by the wind turning rotors mounted to a turbine. This energy is converted to electricity which can be used immediately, stored in batteries or fed back onto the power grid.