6.70 Liquor Stores


1. At the time a Development Permit application is submitted, a Liquor Store must be located to provide minimum separation distances in compliance with Table 1:
Table 1. Minimum Separation Distance
Subsection From approved or existing: 500 m 
(store to store)
100 m
(Site to Site)
1.1. Liquor Stores x  
1.2. Schools, limited to primary and secondary   x
  From Sites Zoned:    
1.3. PS, PSN, or A   x
2. For the purposes of Subsection 1, when measuring separation distances:
2.1 from Site to Site, the distance is measured from the closest point of the subject Site boundary to the closest point of another Site boundary, and not Zone boundaries; and
2.2. from store to store, the distance is measured from the closest point of the Liquor Store to the closest point of another Liquor Store.
Diagram for Subsection 2
Diagram for 6.70_liquorstore
3. Despite Subsection 1.1, the minimum separation distance required between Liquor Stores does not apply to Sites located outside of the boundary shown in Appendix I, if:
3.1 at least 1 Liquor Store is located on a Site greater than or equal to 2.5 ha that is Zoned CG, CB, MU, or Direct Control; and
3.2. the Liquor Stores are located on separate Sites.
4. No variance to Subsection 1 is permitted, except that, at the discretion of the Development Planner, the minimum separation distance to another Liquor Store may be varied to accommodate the temporary relocation of an approved Liquor Store within 500 m of its original location, where:
4.1. the temporary location is not within 500 m of any other Liquor Store with a valid Development Permit;
4.2. the Floor Area of the temporary location is not more than 50.0 m2 larger than the total Floor Area of the original Liquor Store;
4.3. the Development Permit is issued for a duration of 5 years or less; and
4.4. the Development Permit expires upon the relocation of the existing approved Liquor Store back to its original location.


Appendix I