5.30 Bare Land Condominium


1. For the purpose of issuing a Development Permit, each Bare Land Condominium Unit must be considered an independent Site
2. Where a Bare Land Condominium is served by a private roadway, the following applies:
2.1. A private roadway includes: 
2.1.1. a Bare Land Condominium Unit; or
2.1.2. Common Property or a portion of Common Property that may be created in compliance with the Condominium Property Act, RSA 2000, c. C-22; 
created for the purpose of vehicle access and circulation throughout a development, including a bridge and any structure incidental to the private roadway.
2.2. For the sole purpose of applying the regulations of this Bylaw, a private roadway, as described in Subsection 2.1, is deemed to be the same as a Street.
2.3. A private roadway must:
2.3.1. allow for the safe and efficient movement of emergency vehicles; and
2.3.2. be designed to a standard acceptable to the Development Planner or Subdivision Authority.