Major Industrial

Major Industrial means a development used primarily for 1 or more of the following activities: 

  • processing raw materials; 
  • manufacturing, cleaning, servicing, repairing or testing materials, goods and equipment;
  • handling, storing, or shipping equipment, goods, and materials;
  • training, research and development laboratories; or
  • distributing and selling materials, goods and equipment to institutions and industrial and commercial businesses.

A Major Industrial Use includes at least 1 of the following features:

  • the creation of Nuisances that extend beyond the boundaries of the Site and that may have a harmful effect on other Sites due to noise, odour, light, airborne emissions, dust, heavy commercial vehicle traffic, or any other harmful effect created by a Nuisance; or
  • the use of materials or processing operations that require separation from other developments, due to risk of toxic emissions or fire and explosion hazards.

Typical examples include: chemical plants, land treatment facilities, metal factories, and petroleum refineries.