DC2 814

Crestwood - 9542-142 Street NW

Bylaw 16051(April 30, 2012)

The purpose of this Zone is to provide for medium density housing, where some units may not be at grade.

This Provision shall apply to a 0.099 hectare site legally described as: Lot 32 and a portion of Lot 33, Block 94, Plan 6334HW.

a. Row Housing, including Stacked Row Housing
b. Low Rise Apartment Housing
c. Semi-detached Housing and Duplex Housing
d. Minor home based business
e. Fascia On-premises Signs
a.Maximum Height shall not exceed 8.6 m, nor 2 1/2 Storeys.
b.Maximum Site Coverage shall be 46%.
c.The maximum number of Dwelling units shall be 6.
d.A minimum of 50% of all Dwellings shall be developed as 3 bedroom units.
e.Front Setbacks shall be a minimum of 4.0 m, in general accordance with the site plan shown on Appendix 1.
f.Side Setbacks shall be a minimum of 2.0 m.
g.The Rear Setback shall be a minimum of 5.6 m.
h.A minimum Private Amenity Area of 15.5 square meters per dwelling shall be provided for units located on the main floor.
i.A minimum Private Amenity Area of 7.5 square meters per dwelling shall be provided for units located on the upper floor.
j.A solid uniform screen fence, 1.8 m in height, shall be installed along the north and south property lines except within the required Front Yard.
k.The maximum building length shall be 33 m.
a.The building layout shall be oriented towards 142 Street and shall have an entrance fronting 142 Street and exit/entrance to the back alley. It shall be designed such that the front facade facing the public streetscape include architectural elements such as windows, covered patios/porches, building articulation, active frontages, and variable materials and colours to create an interesting streetscape, in general accordance with Appendix 2 - Front Elevation and Appendix 3 - Rear Elevation.
b.The north side of the building shall be articulated in terms of either roofline or setbacks or architectural elements to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
c.The building shall be constructed with durable, high quality materials.
d.The privacy of units on Site and on adjacent properties shall be maintained through the careful placement of windows and doors to minimize overlook.
e.All exterior lighting of the Site shall be designed so that the light source is directed away from adjacent residences and both placement and illumination of lighting shall be configured in consideration to support crime prevention principles and security of building entries.
a.Driveway will abut the back alley.
b.A minimum of nine (9) resident parking spaces shall be located underground.
c.A minimum of two (2) visitor parking spaces shall be located at the rear of the Site.
d.A garbage and recycling collection area, shall be located at the rear lane and screened from view through the use of landscaping, fencing or walls. Garbage enclosure gates must not swing out over road right-of-way. Gates must either swing into the property or slide along the fence. No objects are permitted to encroach onto, over or under road-right-of-way.
a. Landscaping shall retain a number of existing trees along the North and South boundary. Some trees will be added to provide screening along those boundaries.
b. A detailed Landscape Plan shall be submitted for review and approval by the Development Officer as part of a Development Permit application.
c. The Landscaping Plan shall have regard for the following:
i.Where possible, the retention of existing mature trees on site;
ii.Increasing privacy for the abutting properties to the North and South;
iii.Complementing the architecture of the development;
iv.Providing visual appeal facing 142 Street; and
v.Providing a separation between public and private spaces.


High energy efficiency materials and equipment will be installed with a view to increasing energy efficiency and sustainability. Landscaping plants shall include native drought tolerant species to reduce the need for additional watering.

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