DC2 799

Eaux Claires - east of 95 Street NW and south of 167 Avenue NW

Bylaw 15742 (June 20, 2011)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision to accommodate an Apartment Housing building contiguous with, and as a complementary use to the Extended Medical Treatment Services developed in the property immediately to the north.

This provision shall apply to the southernmost 1.40 hectare portion of Lot 2, Block 112, Plan 9923660, located east of 95 Street NW and south of 167 Avenue NW as shown on Schedule ā€Cā€ of this Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision; Eaux Claires. 

a.Apartment Housing
b.Residential Sales Centre
c.Minor Home Based Business
d.Fascia On-premises Signs
e.Projecting On-premises Signs
a.Development shall be generally in accordance with the Site Plan as shown in the Appendix 1 of this Bylaw.
b.Unless otherwise identified in these regulations, all development in this Provision shall comply with the requirements of Sections 210.4 and 210.5 of the Land Use Bylaw.
c.The maximum Height shall not exceed 14.9 m nor 4 Storeys.
d.Signs shall be allowed in this Provision as provided for in Schedule 79I and in accordance with the general provisions of Section 79.1 and 79.9 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.
e.Buffering shall be provided along the eastern boundary of this site, in the form of a minimum 1 metre high landscaped berm with a 1.8 metre high uniform screen fence.
f.A pedestrian circulation system shall be provided as generally shown on Appendix 1 and shall contain such things as a walkway between the development and the Apartment Housing building to the south to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
a.A detailed landscape plan for the entire project shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer as part of the submission of a Development Permit to minimize perceived massing of existing building, and to ensure a high standard of appearance and compatibility with surrounding development.
a.The Development Officer may grant relaxations to the regulations contained in Sections 50 through 79 of the Land Use Bylaw and the provisions of this District if, in his opinion, such a variance would be in keeping with the General Purpose of the District and would not adversely affect the amenities, use, and enjoyment of neighbouring properties.

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