DC2 777

Oliver - located west of 121 Street NW and north of 101 Avenue NW

Bylaw 15519 (August 23, 2010)

To accommodate a limited amount of low impact, small scale commercial uses, including professional, financial and office support services within a newer residential structure that is designed to be compatible with surrounding developments, in terms of scale and architectural elements, to preserve the urban character of the area.

This provision shall apply to Lot B, Block B, Plan 5845AM, located west of 121 Street and north of 101 Avenue, Oliver, as shown on Schedule "A" of this Bylaw adopting this Provision.

a.Business Support Services
b.Duplex Housing
c.Minor and Major Home Based Business
d.Personal Service Shops
e.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
f.Secondary Suites
g.Semi-detached Housing
h.Single Detached Housing
a. Development shall be in accordance with the following regulations and the attached appendices, to the satisfaction the Development Officer.
b. The maximum floor area ratio shall not exceed 1.0.
c. The maximum height shall not exceed 10 m nor 2.5 storeys.
d. The minimum front yard shall be 6 m. At the discretion of the Development Officer, the area of a porch or veranda, or portion thereof, which does not have a principal building above may be allowed to project up to a maximum of 2 m into a required front yard.
e. The minimum side yard shall be 1 m.
f. The minimum rear yard shall be 7.5 m.
g. Vehicular access to the parking area shall be from the rear lane. The development shall provide 4 onsite parking stalls, one of which shall be designated as visitor parking and be wheelchair accessible. If single detached housing is developed, only 2 onsite parking stalls shall be required.
h. Expansion of the existing building or future development of the site into single detached, semi-detached, duplex, or secondary suites shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of the RF4 zone.
i. Expansion of the existing building or future development of the site shall ensure that the architectural elements common to the residential character of the area will be maintained through the inclusion of features such as:
i. porches and verandas;
ii. brick, clapboard or stucco as prominent exterior finishes;
iii. gambrel, pyramidal, gable or hip roofs; or
iv. dormers and bay windows.
j. All exterior trash collection areas shall be screened from view in accordance with Section 55.4(4) of the Zoning Bylaw.
k. Notwithstanding other regulations in this DC2:
i. Minor and Major Home Based Businesses shall be developed in accordance with Section 74 and Section 75 of the Zoning Bylaw, respectively.
ii. Secondary Suites shall be developed in accordance with Section 86 of the Zoning Bylaw.

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