DC2 774

Downtown - located east on Bellamy Hill

Bylaw 15484 (July 5, 2010)

To accommodate the development of a high density residential tower that will enhance the pedestrian character of Bellamy Hill with attractive sidewalks, planters, patios and artwork and to establish developmental regulations that will achieve compatibility with surrounding developments while at the same time establishing a high benchmark for architectural design within the Downtown Edmonton Skyline.

Lots 62 and 63, Block 1, Plan B, containing approximately 0.1362 ha., located east on Bellamy Hill, Downtown, as shown on Schedule ”A” of this Bylaw, adopting this Provision.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Minor Home Based Business
c. Residential Sales Centre
d. Freestanding On-premises Signs
e. Temporary On-premises Signs
f. Fascia On-premises Signs
a. The development shall be in accordance with Appendix I, Site Plan; Appendix II, Landscape Plan; Appendix III, Lane Level Site Plan and Parkade Level P4; Appendix IV, Amenity Area 2nd Floor Level; Appendix V, Amenity Penthouse and Floor R31 Level; Appendix VI, Roof Terrace Landscape Plan Floor R31; Appendix VII, West Elevation; Appendix VIII, North Elevation; Appendix IX, East Elevation; Appendix X, South Elevation; Appendix XI, West Podium Elevation; Appendix XII, North Podium Elevation; Appendix XIII, East Podium Elevation; and Appendix XIV, South Podium Elevation.
b. The maximum number of dwelling units shall be 100 units.

The maximum Height shall not exceed 34 storeys (31 residential and 3 parkade) or 106.9 m from average grade (643.57m Geo) in accordance with the Elevation drawings as illustrated in Appendices VII, VIII, IX and X.

The maximum floor plate shall not exceed:

Floor 1 365.00m2
Floors 2-5 586.62m2
Floors 6-22 587.36m2
Floors 23 and 24 547.13m2
Floors 25 - 28 501.65m2
Floor 29 456.55m2
Floor 30 308.71m2
Floor 31 381.95m2

Parkade floor plates:

P1, P2, P3               1251.0 m2 each

P4, P5 and P6         (below average grade)


The maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) not exceed:

Residential               11.89

Parkade                    2.76(Levels 1, 2 and 3)

Total                         14.65

f. The development shall provide a minimum yard of:
i. 0.381m along the north property line
ii. 0.381m along the west property line
iii. 0.381m along the south property line
iv. Varies along east property line from 1.65m at the south end to 0.00m at the north end in accordance with the Site Plan illustrated in Appendix I.
g. Sign types permitted by this provision will be allowed in accordance with Schedule 59B and in accordance with the General Provisions of Section 59 of the Zoning Bylaw.
h. The applicant shall submit a comprehensive sign design plan upon submission of a development permit application pursuant to Section 59.3 of the Zoning Bylaw.
i. Landscaping for the Owner’s Amenity Roof Terrace shall be in accordance with the Roof Landscape Plan as illustrated in Appendix VI.
j. Boulevard trees/landscaping is required on Bellamy Hill to the satisfaction of the Planning and Development Department, Asset Management & Public Works and the Transportation Department.
k. Detailed landscape plans including all existing and proposed utilities within the road right-of-way, in accordance with the general landscape concept as illustrated in Appendix II and prepared by a registered Landscape Architect, must be submitted with the development permit application. Design, implementation and maintenance of publicly accessible areas must be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with AMPW-Parks. A maintenance agreement may be required for enhanced improvements to public land.
l. The amenity space located both on the 31st floor rooftop and 2nd floor shall be accessible to all residents of the building.
m. At grade, residential features such as steps, porches, walkways, planters and fencing may be located into the required yards to the satisfaction of the development officer.
n. The developer shall enter into a Servicing Agreement for offsite improvements necessary as a result of the development. These improvements include, but not limited to the following :
i. Planting trees in planters in the new bridge link complete with public seating connecting the existing sidewalk and Bellamy hill roadway with Main floor of this development.
ii. Installing new sidewalk along Bellamy Hill adjacent to the west property lines.
iii. Installing special crosswalk paving treatment across vehicular entrance linking public sidewalk at Bellamy road.
iv. Installing 2 Pole mounted light standards along public sidewalk
v. Resurfacing rear laneway from the entrance off of 101 Street to the exit at 99 Ave to a commercial standard and to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department.
vi. Removing telephone poles along laneway and relocating those services underground.
vii. Repairing of any damage to the abutting roadways, sidewalks and/or boulevards resulting from construction of the development, to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department. The site must be inspected by the Transportation Department prior to the start of construction and once again when construction is complete.
viii. Constructing the right-in/right-out access and bridge structure on Bellamy Hill, including sidewalk, curb ramps, wheelchair ramp, stairs and all landscape planters, as shown on Appendices I and II.
o. Separation Space shall be provided in accordance with Section 48 of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.
p. One level of outdoor surface parking and pedestrian drop-off shall be permitted via an access bridge linking the Bellamy Hill Roadway with the Main Floor of this project. The vehicular entry/exit will feature a right turn in and right turn out only access and shall be developed as illustrated in Appendices I and II.
q. The multi-level underground Parkade Entrance, the Garbage Pick-up Area and the Electrical Transformer will be located off the rear lane and developed as indicated in Appendix III.
r. The entrance ramp for the multi-level underground parkade shall have a slope of 6% or less for the first 4.5m starting at the property line or to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department.
s. Vehicle and bicycle parking shall be provided in accordance with Section 54 of the Zoning by law. A total of 165 stalls shall be required (150 residential and 15 Visitor stalls).
t. Vehicular access to the enclosed parkade shall be via the east lane with a security code activated door in the southeast corner, as designed and illustrated in Appendix III. The parking control access system must be setback from the property line to allow vehicles accessing the visitor parking to wait without obstructing the alley, to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department and the Development Officer.
u. The garbage bins must be stored inside in a fully enclosed room within the parkade. The pick-up area shall be screened from view from adjacent sites and public roadways in accordance with Section 54 of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.
v. All major mechanical equipment on the roof shall be completely screened within building rooftop mechanical penthouse.
w. Any exterior lighting of the site shall be designed so that the lighting is directed away from the adjacent residential development to the north and west and illumination shall not extend beyond the boundaries of the site except :
i. Special pole mounted lighting installed adjacent the public sidewalk designed to illuminate the public sidewalk in front of the project as indicated in Appendix I.
ii. Wall mounted light fixtures on the east wall of the parkade designed to illuminate the alleyway and parkade access as indicated on Appendix XII.
x. Building entrances shall feature designs that enhance their prominence, incorporate weather protection features, and provide lighting adequate to identify these areas at night, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
y. Amenity Spaces for the project shall be provided as follows :
i. Private exterior balconies which range in size from minimum size of 10m2 to over 200m2.
ii. An exterior patio 136.8m2 with landscaping, benches and artwork adjacent the main lobby visible from Bellamy Road for resident and guest use.
iii. An exterior rooftop terrace 145.95 m2 with landscaping and furniture for resident use.
iv. 261.52 m2 of interior Amenity space on 2nd Floor and 76.52 m2 on 31st Floor which will include a health and wellness center, a home theater and social meeting place.
v. 84.5m2 of publicly accessible pedestrian bridge developed on city property with landscaped planter, special lighting and attractive sidewalk.
z. A Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment shall be submitted and be reviewed and accepted by Development Officer prior to the issuance of Development Permit to ensure that development on the site provides a safe and urban environment in accordance with the guidelines and principles established in the Design Guide for the Safer City.
aa. A geotechnical study, including a stability assessment to assess the impact this development will have at this location, must be reviewed by the Transportation Department. Any required stability measures must be undertaken prior to excavation or building permits being issued.
bb. An Agreement shall be required to allow for the bridge crossing access from Bellamy Hill to the proposed development (as shown in Appendix I).
cc. A Phase III Environmental Site Assessment shall be submitted subsequent to an approved Development Permit but prior to the issuance of any Building Permit, except the parkade excavation Building Permit, to the satisfaction of the Development Planning Officer in consultation with the Environmental Planning Unit of the Planning and Policy Services Branch. The Development Planning Officer shall not release the Development Permit for the purposes of a Building Permit until this condition has been adequately satisfied through sign-off letters from the reviewing agencies.
a. Prior to issuance of the development permit, the Development Officer shall insure that a signed agreement has been executed between the City and the Owner, requiring the owner to provide the City at the time of development permit approval, the option to purchase 5% of the proposed number of residential units at 85% of the list price or to provide the equivalent value as cash in lieu to the City, or as prescribed in any future City of Edmonton’s affordable housing policy initiatives.
b. The building shall be designed to meet the requirements of LEED Canada-NC 1.0 to achieve a LEED Silver sustainability target, although the developer is not required to seek LEED certification. Upon submission of a development permit application, the applicant must submit a detailed report, endorsed by a third-party registered professional engineer or architect, indicating how the LEED Silver points will be achieved upon construction completion. This report must be approved by the Development Officer prior to the issuance of the Development Permit. The LEED Silver point shall be achieved by the use of the following:
i. Rainwater collection from the rooftops to water the landscaped areas;
ii. Solar heating coils at main building air intake to preheat ventilation air
iii. High performance glazing
iv. Roof top solar heat collectors that supplement building hot water requirements
v. Energy efficient appliances
vi. Dual flush toilets and other low water use fixtures
vii. Efficient mechanical systems
viii. Efficient lighting systems
c. Public Art shall be provided on the Urban Patio at the location identified on the Site Plan, Appendix I. A budget up to $200,000 will be provided by the owner for the acquisition or commissioning of public art. The art work will be acquired through a process administered by the Edmonton Art Council.
a. Development shall include articulation in the building façades in order to visually create a base, middle and top.
b. The horizontal lines of the lower floors shall be in sharp contrast with the vertical lines of the mid floors and with the horizontal lines of the top floors.
c. The asymmetrical south building façade shall create a unique presence in the river valley and shall be designed to establish a distinctive appearance with its articulated granite columns, shafts of curtain wall glazing, stainless steel balcony railings and striking asymmetrical penthouse.
d. The southwest corner of the tower shall feature curved balconies on the upper floors, which is to be echoed in the curving trellis at the main entrance on the lobby floor.
e. Alternate floor configurations and changing glass patterns shall be used to serve to reduce the perception of building mass and add architectural interest.
f. Upper floors shall be reduced in scale and step back from the tower shaft in an effort to reduce the visual affect of the tower height and slim down the tower’s appearance. (Refer to appendices VII, VIII, IX and X
g. The lower floor shall be designed to contribute and improve the urban quality of Bellamy Hill in the following ways:
h. the major bridge link shall connect the public sidewalk with the main entrance and incorporate hard and soft landscaping, articulated walkways, lighting and a vehicular drop-off and visitor parking area;
i. the main entrance shall be fully glazed and extend out towards the sidewalk, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer;
j. the bridge design shall be designed with granite clad planters, cascading walkway and lighting features to encourage more pedestrian activity along Bellamy Hill;
k. the hard surfaced, sheltered urban patio with decorative pole mounted lighting, artwork and potted landscaping shall be incorporated on the Southwest Corner as an amenity space for residents;
l. Tile design shall be featured on the south and east parkade walls
m. All exterior finishing material must be of a high quality, durable, and attractive in appearance. All exposed building faces shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials and textures and must include:
i. granite,
ii. stainless steel,
iii. textured concrete block,
iv. porcelain walls tiles,
v. wood panels,
vi. banded acrylic stucco and
vii. tinted curtain wall glazing.
n. To ensure a high standard of development, building design plans shall be submitted with the development permit application. Such plans shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and include details of overall site layout, exterior building treatment and colour scheme, street level perimeter and rooftop landscaping, parking layout, and signage plans.

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