DC2 740

Bonnie Doon - located north of 82 Avenue NW, and east of 89 Street NW

Bylaw 15086 (January 19, 2009)

To accommodate a low rise apartment development that achieves a high standard of appearance while ensuring compatibility in mass and scale with surrounding residential and commercial development while ensuring a pedestrian-friendly character and streetscape.

This DC2 Provision shall apply to 0.38 ha of land on Lots A, B, and C, Block 26, Plan 3374HW; located north of 82 Avenue NW, and east of 89 Street NW as shown on Schedule ”A” of the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision; Bonnie Doon.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Minor Home Based Business.
c. Residential Sales Centre
d. Fascia On-premises Signs
e. Projecting On-premises Signs
a. Development shall comply with the Site Plan as shown on Appendix 1 and the Elevation Plans as shown on Appendices II and III.
b. The maximum Density shall not exceed eighty dwelling units.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall not exceed 2.2.
d. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 14.0 m, nor 4 Storeys, except that the enclosed garbage area must not exceed 3.0 m, nor 1 Storey.
e. The maximum Site Coverage shall not exceed 55%.
f. The minimum required Yards are as follows:
i. 4.0 m adjacent to the south property line (Whyte Avenue)
ii. 3.0 m adjacent to the west property line (89 Street)
iii. 3.0 m adjacent to the east property line (abutting adjacent RA7)
iv. 4.6 m adjacent to the north property line (lane) except that the attached, enclosed garbage area may project to 2.6 m from the lane and the rear stairwell exit may project to 4.0 m from the lane as per the Site Plan, Appendix 1;
v. or as otherwise identified on the Site Plan, Appendix 1.
g. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 per Dwelling shall be provided
h. Each floor of the apartment building shall contain a common amenity area in the central portion of the building, a minimum of 40.0 m2 on the first through third floors, as generally located on the Site Plan, Appendix 1. The fourth floor shall contain a communal balcony of approximately 28.0 m2. These areas shall be appropriately equipped to provide for such amenities (such as couches, bookshelves, coffee tables, patio furniture, etc.) to the satisfaction of the Planning and Development Department.
i. Development in this Provision shall comply with the Elevation Plans as illustrated in Appendix II and III of this Bylaw, and shall contain the following architectural guidelines, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer:
i. Active residential frontages shall be developed for all ground floor Apartment Housing directly accessible to Whyte Avenue and 89 Street and will feature individual external front door entrances with municipal addresses. Street level entries shall be distinguished from above ground balconies and rear ground floor patios through the use of different architectural elements (variety of porches), building materials and colours.
ii. Streetside façades shall provide seven unique vertical elements that vary in architectural detail as illustrated in the elevation plans.
iii. The building must be designed to include a discernable top, middle and bottom by use of different architectural elements and treatments, materials and colours, to break up the massing and provide human scale development.
iv. The massing of the residential building walls shall be reduced through architectural elements such as columns, ribs, pilasters or piers, changes in plane (e.g., recesses and projections), changes in building finishes, materials and textures, or other features that create an identifiable pattern and sense of human scale.
v. Exterior finishing materials shall provide visual interest and be durable and of high quality, including, but not limited to, natural and synthetic stone, brick, acrylic stucco, metal and glazing and is to be consistent with treatment on all faces of the buildings as illustrated and further described in Appendices II and III. Vinyl siding is prohibited as a finishing material for the apartment building.
vi. Colour schemes shall tie building elements together and enhance the architectural form of the building. Colours shall be based on earth and natural tones. Intense or bright colours shall be used sparingly and only as accents.
vii. A variety of transom windows with trim shall be utilized in order to create differentiation and visual interest as illustrated in the elevation plans.
viii. The front and rear facades of the central portion of the building shall be a minimum of 35% glass.
ix. All columns for front porches of the main floor units, including the central building entrances shall be surfaced with the main base building material and shall be larger than and distinguishable from the balcony columns above.
x. The parkade entrance shall be finished in a material compatible with the base of the building (no exposed concrete) creating a unified exterior. Any required retaining walls for the parkade entry must be incorporated into the landscape plan and utilized for decorative landscaping such as planters and railing.
xi. In order to create visual interest and reduce massing there shall be variation in the roof line as per the elevations.
xii. All building roof top mechanical equipment shall be screened from view.
j. A Loading Zone may be provided along the north side of the service road. Signage for a loading and passenger drop off zone will be required in conjunction with the development permit and shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and the Transportation Department.
k. Parking for the site shall be in accordance with Section 54 except that Visitor parking shall be relaxed to eight required stalls and shall be located to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and the Transportation Department as follows:
i. All residential parking shall be provided underground.
ii. Visitor parking shall be surface parking as shown on the Site Plan, Appendix 1.
l. Access to the site shall be taken from the alley on the north side of the property. There shall be no access to the service road on the south side of the property.
m. The entrance to the underground parkade shall be from the alley. The driveway ramp must be at grade at the property line and must not exceed a slope of 6% for a distance of 4.5 m inside the property line, or to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department.
n. Any underground parking access card devices must be located on site, a minimum of 3.0 m inside the property line.
o. Any retaining walls required for underground parking access must not exceed a height of 0.3 m at the property line and no portion of the wall may encroach onto road right-of way.
p. Landscaping shall be in accordance with Section 55 except that:
i. The trees and shrubs placed within all required Yards shall be increased 1.3 times greater than that required as per Section 55.6 a.
ii. The minimum required landscaped Yards shall be 1535.0 m2 as shown n Appendix 1.
q. The Development Officer shall not waive the requirements of Section 55.3 and the Development Officer shall ensure that the Landscape Plan also include:
i. Enhanced Landscaping around all edges of hardsurfaced areas including the main entrance walkway, visitor parking, parkade entry, rear terrace, front porches and rear patios.
ii. A rear communal amenity terrace of a minimum of 43.0 m2 shall be provided.
iii. Identification of any required retaining walls with finishing details in a material compatible with the base of the building (no exposed concrete.)
iv. Walkways to main floor active residential units shall be exposed aggregate or a similar decorative hard surface (not plain concrete.)
v. The Development Officer shall require that the required landscaped Yards, or any portions of it, be unobstructed and undisturbed below grade in order to provide an adequate growing environment (soil composition, depth, etc.) for the maturation of required Landscaping.
vi. Pedestrian level lighting.
r. Trash collection must be fully enclosed as part of the building and have an exterior finish consistent with the main building and be accessed by a hardsurfaced concrete or asphalt apron to the lane that does not exceed a slope of 2%, to the satisfaction of Waste Management. Outdoor storage areas are not permitted.
s. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59B for Apartment Housing. Parking for visitors, passenger drop-offs, loading areas and commercial customers shall be clearly signed.
t. Prior to the issuance of any Development Permit the Development Officer shall ensure that a signed agreement has been executed between the City and the owner, requiring the owner to provide the City at the time of Development Permit approval, the option to purchase 5% of the proposed number of residential units at 85% of the list price; or the ability to acquire units on the basis of a future approved Council policy on Affordable Housing.
u. The owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton, in conjunction with development permit, for off-site improvements necessary to serve the development. The Agreement process includes an engineering drawing review and approval process. Improvements to be addressed in the Agreement include but are not limited to the following:
i. Construction of the alley north of the site to a commercial standard from 89 Street to the east property line, including reconstruction of the alley crossing at 89 Street, to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department and Asset Management and Public Works.
ii. Reconstruction of the sidewalks on the east side of 89 Street and the north side of the service road, adjacent to the site.
iii. Repair of any damage to the abutting roadways, sidewalks, boulevards and/or the service road median/boulevard resulting from construction of the development, to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department. The site must be inspected by the Transportation Department prior to the start of construction and once again when construction is complete.

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