DC2 675

Bonnie Doon - east side of 91 Street south of the east/west laneway south of 86 Avenue.

Bylaw 14185 (February 22, 2006)



To establish a Provision for a cultural centre (La Cite Francophone) that allows for selected commercial, educational, health, office and administrative uses that complement the concept of a cultural centre.

Block X, Plan 1522 AS, located on the east side of 91 Street south of the east/west laneway south of 86 Avenue as shown on Schedule ”A” appended to the Bylaw adopting this provision, Bonnie Doon.

a. Business Support Services
b. Child Care Services
c. Commercial Schools
d. Community Recreation Services
e. Convenience Retail Stores
f. General Retail Stores
g. Health Services
h. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
i. Minor Amusement Establishments
j. Personal Service Shops
k. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
l. Public and Private Education Services
m. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
n. Restaurants, for less than 100 occupants and 120 m2 of public space
o. Specialty Food Services
p. Spectator Entertainment Establishments
q. Fascia On-premises Signs
r. Freestanding On-premises Signs
s. Projecting On-premises Signs
a. The overall site development shall be generally in accordance with the site development plan attached as Appendix I; with the elevations attached as Appendix II; and with the site calculations attached as Appendix III.
b. The maximum height of development shall be 15.5 m.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.5.
d. Development in this Provision shall comply with Sections 510.4 and 510.5 of the Zoning Bylaw, except as otherwise stated in this section.
e. The minimum number of on-site parking stalls shall be 167.
f. Signs shall be developed in accordance with Section 59.C of the Zoning Bylaw, except that the number of Free-standing Signs shall be limited to two. These two Signs shall be located along 91 Street and may include electronic changeable copy, backlit and/or illuminated signs.

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