DC2 421

McCauley - west of 95 St and north of 108A Avenue NW

Bylaw 11351 (Oct. 21, 1996)

To establish a site specific development control district to accommodate a limited range of warehousing functions to service general retail stores along with site specific development criteria to ensure compatibility with the surrounding residential development and to ensure a high standard of appearance appropriate to the area.

The District shall apply to Lots 36 and 37, Block 29, Plan D, McCauley, as shown on Schedule "A" of this Bylaw.

General Industrial Uses which are limited to the storage, transshipment, distribution and or sale of materials, goods and equipment to General Retail Stores for resale to individual customers.

a.The overall site development shall be in accordance with the criteria established herein and generally in accordance with the site development plan attached as Appendix I as well as the south, west, north and east elevations attached as Appendix II to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
b.The maximum height of the warehouse shall not exceed 7 m (22.5 ft.).
c.The maximum gross floor area of the warehouse shall not exceed 371 sq. m (3,993.5 sq. ft.).
d.Parking, loading, storage, outdoor display, outdoor storage, trash collection shall only be permitted as generally shown on Appendix I.
e.Signs shall be developed in accordance with Section 79B of the Land Use Bylaw.

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