DC2 1200

Calgary Trail North - south of 48 Avenue NW between Calgary Trail NW and Gateway Boulevard NW

Charter Bylaw 19992 (March 15, 2022)

To accommodate a mix of commercial uses, including Extended Medical Treatment Services, in a location with good visibility and accessibility along Calgary Trail NW and Gateway Boulevard NW.

This Provision shall apply to Lots 2-3, Block 28, Plan 7620205 located south of 48 Avenue NW between Calgary Trail NW and Gateway Boulevard NW as shown in Schedule “A” of the Charter Bylaw adopting this Provision, Calgary Trail North.

a. Animal Hospitals and Shelters
b. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs
c. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
d. Business Support Services
e. Cannabis Retail Sales
f. Child Care Services
g. Commercial Schools
h. Convenience Retail Stores
i. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
j. Creation and Production Establishments
k. Drive-in Food Services
l. Equipment Rentals
m. Extended Medical Treatment Services
n. Fleet Services
o. Gas Bars
p. General Retail Stores
q. Government Services
r. Greenhouses, Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres
s. Health Services
t. Household Repair Services
u. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
v. Limited Contractor Services
w. Liquor Stores
x. Major Amusement Establishments
y. Market
z. Media Studios
aa. Minor Amusement Establishments
bb. Minor Service Stations
cc. Nightclubs
dd. Personal Service Shops
ee. Private Education Services
ff. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
gg. Public Library and Cultural Exhibits
hh. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
ii. Restaurants
jj. Secondhand Stores
kk. Special Event
ll. Specialty Food Services
mm. Urban Gardens
nn. Veterinary Services
oo. Warehouse Sales
pp. Fascia On-premises Signs
qq. Freestanding On-premises Signs
rr. Major Digital Signs
ss. Minor Digital On-premises Signs
tt. Projecting On-premises Signs
uu. Temporary On-premises Signs
a. The Development Officer shall have regard for the phasing of development that may have varying Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculations across each phase of development and Sub-Area provided that at full build-out the maximum FAR for the lands within this Provision is not exceeded.
a. Signs shall comply with the General Provisions of Section 59 and regulations found in Schedule 59F of the Zoning Bylaw and also in accordance with the following:
  i. A Comprehensive Sign Design Plan shall be submitted for the Site at the time of the first Development Permit. This sign plan may be amended upon future phases of the development, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
  ii. Notwithstanding Schedule 59 and Schedule 59F, the following regulations shall apply to Signs:
    A. Fascia On-premises Signs shall be permitted to face the internal circulation network as identified in Appendix 2.
    B. The top of a Fascia On-premises Signs shall not extend more than 30.0 cm above the building roof. Where a building has a parapet wall the top of Fascia On-premises Signs shall not extend more than 30.0 cm above the parapet wall.
    C. The maximum total number of Freestanding On-premises Signs, Major Digital Signs, and Minor Digital On-premises Signs on a Site shall be five. Of these five permitted Signs only one shall be permitted to be a Major Digital Sign.
    D. The maximum Height of a Freestanding On-premises Sign shall be 10.0 m.
    E. For a Minor Digital On-premises Sign that is freestanding and has both digital and static copy, the digital panel shall not exceed 8.0 m in height, and the Digital Copy area shall not exceed 8.0 m2. The overall height of the Sign shall not exceed 10.0 m in height, with a maximum combined copy area of 30.0 m2.
    F. Notwithstanding Section 59.2.21 of the Zoning Bylaw, a minimum radial separation distance of 35.0 m shall be required between a Freestanding Sign located adjacent to the intersection of Calgary Trail and 48 Avenue and any other Freestanding Signs located on the site.
    G. The maximum number of Temporary On-premises Signs shall be six on the site. With a maximum of three such Signs located along Calgary Trail NW and a maximum of three such Signs located along Gateway Boulevard NW.
a. The following regulations shall apply to Convenience Vehicle Rentals developments:
  i. all storage, display and parking areas shall be Hardsurfaced in accordance with subsection 54.4.6 of the Zoning Bylaw; and
  ii. lighting for the display areas shall be mounted on lamp standards and no exposed bulbs or strings of lights shall be used.
b. Any development with a drive-through service window shall conform to the following regulations:
  i. the location, orientation and Setback of drive-through service windows shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and shall minimize the on-site and off-site traffic impacts;
  ii. the design, finishing and siting of such development shall achieve a compatible relationship with surrounding development and a high standard of appearance when viewed from adjacent roadways to the satisfaction of the Development Officer; and
  iii. Landscaping shall be used to screen and soften the impact of the drive-through service window.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0.
d. Development shall be in general conformance with the attached Appendices to the satisfaction of the Development Officer including the following:
  i. The maximum Height for each building shall be as in accordance with Appendix 1 of this Provision;
  ii. Appendix 1 illustrates the maximum allowable building footprint for each individual building on the site. Notwithstanding this illustration, the buildings may be further reconfigured into separate smaller buildings within the identified building footprint; and
  iii. Appendix 4 illustrates the maximum allowable massing and/or building envelope for each individual building on the site. Notwithstanding this illustration:
    A. the maximum FAR for the total site shall not exceed 1.0; and
    B. the building masses may be further reconfigured into separate smaller buildings within the identified building envelopes.
e. A minimum building Setback of 14.0 m shall be provided from Calgary Trail NW, Gateway Boulevard NW, and 48 Avenue NW, except that the minimum building Setback for building D from Calgary Trail NW shall be 11.0 m.
f. A minimum building Setback of 5.0 m shall be provided from the south Lot Line.
g. Overhangs, canopies and other similar architectural projections shall be permitted to project into Development Setbacks and above Walkways.
a. Any building having a single wall length greater than 25.0 m visible from a public road shall include design elements that reduce the perceived mass of the building and add architectural interest. Such elements may include alterations of the roof line, building façade, landscaping or combinations thereof.
b. All exposed building Facades shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials.
c. Building materials must be sustainable, durable, high quality and appropriate for the development.
d. Building materials shall be used to improve the visual interest and quality of the buildings, break the building massing and promote a positive pedestrian environment.
e. The upper portion of the building Facades shall use consistent and compatible high quality, durable exterior materials, such as, but not limited to, glazing, brick, metal cladding/paneling, acrylic stucco, masonry, and/or stone.
f. The ground level building Facades shall be articulated to add variety, rhythm, and a human scaled dimension. This may include:
  i. the provision of awnings, canopies, window openings, reveals, offsets, multiple entrances, arcades, columns, pilasters, materials and colour, stepbacks, and/or other architectural features;
  ii. the provision of quality materials, interesting design, fenestrations, inviting entrances, and additional landscaping;
  iii. having Façades designed to break their appearance using a combination of recesses, projections, changes in building materials, colours, and/or physical breaks in building mass;
  iv. the provision of multiple entrances, for commercial and retail uses, located within the active frontages identified in Appendix 2, and distinctive architectural features consistent with the style of the building;
  v. the provision of a ground Storey, in multi-storey buildings, which shall have a minimum Height of 4.5 m; and
  vi. a minimum of 60% of the linear building frontage of the ground Storey Facades for, active frontages as identified in Appendix 2, shall be comprised of transparent, non-reflective, non-tinted, unobscured glazing.  This shall be calculated as a percentage of linear frontage measured as the horizontal plane at 1.5 m above finished Grade.
g. Buildings shall promote a positive street environment that is welcoming to pedestrians and encourages increased pedestrian activity at the sidewalk level by:
  i. identifying pedestrian linkages and crossings through decorative paving and/or markings; and
  ii. providing pedestrian oriented streetscape elements such as pedestrian level street lighting, Landscaping, benches and street furniture throughout the site.
h. All mechanical equipment, including roof mechanical units, shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or concealed by incorporating it within the building.
  i. Prior to the issuance of any Development Permit for new building construction, except for the purpose of a demolition, excavation or signage, a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessment shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer to ensure that the development provides a safe urban environment in accordance with the guidelines and principles established in the Design Guidelines for a Safer City (City of Edmonton, 1995).
a. The portions of a Parking Garage below Grade shall not be subject to required Setbacks and shall be permitted to extend to all Lot lines provided there is sufficient soil depth maintained to support any required Landscaping above.
b. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a 3.0 m Setback from the Lot Line. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites or public roads.
c. Enhanced parking islands with Walkways, with a minimum clear travel path width of 1.5 m, shall be provided to facilitate safe pedestrian movement from the parking areas to the buildings.
d. Surface vehicular parking lots shall provide pedestrian connections with the utilization of clearly demarcated Walkways, lighting and signage systems to reduce pedestrian conflict with vehicles.
e. Provide car stops or other design solutions in locations where car parking is immediately adjacent to a sidewalk with a width less than 1.5 m in order to reduce the likelihood of overhanging vehicles creating obstructions for pedestrians.
f. Large parking areas shall be “visually broken up” by means of landscaped islands, on-Site private roads, amenity spaces, and/or pedestrian Walkways.
g. Service function areas, such as loading docks, truck parking, and utility meters, shall be incorporated into the overall design theme of the building and/or landscape.
a. The required Landscape Plan submitted with a Development Permit application for new building construction shall be prepared by a Landscape Architect registered with the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects (AALA). The Landscape Plan shall include pavement materials, exterior lighting, street furniture elements, pedestrian seating area, sizes and species of new tree plantings, and other detailed Landscaping elements.
b. Site entrance features shall be permitted at site entrances located adjacent to 48 Avenue NW, Calgary Trail NW, and Gateway Boulevard NW. In addition to clause 9(a):
  i. Fascia On-premises Signs shall be permitted on these site entrance features; and
  ii. no minimum separation distance shall be required between these site entrance features and Freestanding Signs.
c. Pedestrian connections to and through the site shall be provided in general accordance with Appendix 2 and included in any required Landscape Plan.
d. Enhanced pedestrian connections, active frontages and pedestrian areas at principal building entrance shall be provided in general accordance with Appendix 2. The active frontages will allow opportunities for furnishing, amenity areas, bicycle parking, and additional landscaping.
e. A central refuge island which shall be a minimum size of 50.0 m2 shall be provided within the Site as identified in Appendix 3.
f. Seating shall be provided within the outdoor amenity spaces in and around this development. Such seating must be functional for both able and non-able bodied users. This seating should include a range of seating options including varying heights and seats/benches with backs and armrests. For further information, please refer to the City’s Access Design Guide, Section D.6.1.
g. A minimum 1.5 m wide sidewalk with landscaping shall be provided on at least one side of the private internal east-west roadways to help connect parking lots, building entrances, external public sidewalks, and amenity areas.
h. A minimum 3.0 m landscaped buffer from the Lot Line shall be provided to reduce the visual impact on pedestrians of surface vehicular parking developed adjacent to a Street.
i. Landscape areas shall be provided in Setbacks and an additional landscape area of 2.0 m2 shall be provided for every 10 surface parking spaces in general accordance with Appendix 3.
j. Decorative and security lighting shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the architectural theme of the development and will be provided to ensure a safe, well-lit environment for pedestrians, no negative impact on adjacent properties and to accentuate architectural elements.
k. A minimum Amenity Area of 1.5% of the non-residential Floor Area shall be provided within the site. Amenity Area shall be exempted from Floor Area calculations to a maximum of 6% of the Floor Area of the development. Amenity Areas may include, but not be limited to, rooftop patios and terraces, courtyards, interior landscaped open space, arcades, plazas, gardens, atriums and seating areas.
a. Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit, excluding a development permit for demolition, excavation, or signage, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) work such as, but not limited to, a Phase II ESA, Remedial Action Plan(s), and/or Risk Management Plan(s), may be required at the discretion of the Development Officer in consultation with the Environmental Planner. The Development Officer shall impose any Development Permit conditions necessary prior to the release of the drawings for Building Permit review to ensure in consultation with the Environmental Planner that the Site is suitable for the full range of uses contemplated in the Development Permit application.
a. As a condition of a Development Permit for construction of a principal building, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for off-Site improvements necessary to serve or enhance the development, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation). Such improvements shall be constructed at the owner’s cost. The Agreement process shall include an engineering drawing review and approval. Improvements to address in the Agreement shall include but are not limited to:
  i. Repair of any damage to the abutting roadways, sidewalks and boulevard, including lanes not directly adjacent to the Site, caused by the construction of the development.
  ii. Construction of new sidewalks with a minimum 1.8 m width on the south side of 48 Avenue NW between Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail, including reconstruction of curb returns and pedestrian landing infrastructure, and relocation of any utilities to ensure an obstruction-free pedestrian through zone as required;
  iii. Removal of existing accesses on 48 Avenue NW and reconstruction in general conformance with the DC2 Site Plan, including restoration of the curb, gutter, and boulevard;
  iv. Removal of the existing sidewalk on the east side of Calgary Trail adjacent to the site. Construction of a new boulevard sidewalk, with a minimum 1.8 m width, and a boulevard with a minimum 3.0 m width. To achieve the wider boulevard this work may include the registration of a public access easement and Sidewalk Utility Right-of-way Agreement for any portions of the sidewalk that encroach within the west Setback area as required.
  v. Provision of 14 trees in the public realm (within road right-of-way) directly abutting the Site along Calgary Trail, Gateway Boulevard and/or 48 Avenue NW;
    A. The final allocation and location shall be determined at the engineering drawing review stage.
  vi. Removal of existing accesses on Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard  and reconstruction in general conformance with the DC2 Site Plan, including restoration of the curb, gutter, and boulevard.

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