DC2 1163

Windsor Park - located at the northeast corner of 87 Avenue NW and 118 Street NW

Charter Bylaw 19709 (May 18, 2021)

To accommodate a mixed-use development with commercial and residential uses on the ground floor that provides for an active and inviting pedestrian-oriented streetscape fronting onto 87 Avenue NW and 118 Street NW.

This provision shall apply to Lot 9A, Block 24, Plan 922 1629 located at the northeast corner of 87 Avenue and 118 Street shown in Schedule “A” of the Charter Bylaw adopting this provision, Windsor Park.

1. Business Support Services
2. Commercial Schools
3. Convenience Retail Stores
4. Creation and Production Establishments
5. General Retail Stores
6. Government Services
7. Health Services
8. Live Work Units
9. Lodging Houses
10. Minor Home Based Business
11. Multi-unit Housing
12. Personal Service Shops
13. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
14. Residential Sales Centre
15. Restaurants
16. Secondhand Stores
17. Specialty Food Services
18. Supportive Housing
19. Fascia On-premises Signs
20. Freestanding On-premises Signs
21. Projecting On-premises Signs
22. Temporary On-premises Signs
1. Personal Service Shops shall not include Body Rub Centres.
2. Each Restaurant Use shall be limited to 240 m2 of Public Space.
3. Each Specialty Food Service Use shall be limited to 120 m2 of Public Space.
4. All non-Residential and non-Residential-Related Uses shall:
a. be located on the ground floor of the building;
b. each have a separate outside entrance that shall be universally accessible to all ages and capabilities and be oriented to face 87 Avenue,
c. have up to one entrance oriented towards 118 Street within 20.0 m of the southern Lot line, and
d. not be permitted in any freestanding structure separate from a structure containing Residential Uses.
5. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59B of the Zoning Bylaw, with the exception of the following:
a. Fascia On-premises Signs shall be subject to the following regulations:
i. Fascia On-Premises Signs shall not extend higher than 1 m above the floor of the Third Storey, and
ii. The maximum Area for any Fascia On-premises Sign shall not exceed 3m2, except for one Fascia On-premises Sign being permitted facing 118 Street located above the principle residential entrance which shall not exceed 10 m2.
b. Freestanding On-premises Signs shall be used for wayfinding purposes and be subject to the following regulations:
i. The maximum number of Freestanding On-premises Signs shall be three.
ii. The maximum Height shall not exceed 3.0 m and shall have a maximum Area of 4m2.
iii. Shall be located along laneways
c. Temporary On-premises Signs shall be limited to project advertising associated with an on-Site Residential Sales Centre and shall not include trailer mounted or signs with changeable copy.
6. Residential Sales Centres shall be limited to the sale or lease of Dwellings on Site.
7. Live-Work Units shall be limited to ground level Residential Dwellings.

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