DC2 1050

Queen Mary Park - northeast corner of 113 Street NW and 109 Avenue NW

Charter Bylaw 18757 (March 11, 2019)

To provide the opportunity for a medium density mixed use development that accommodates a wide variety of uses and contributes to an inviting pedestrian streetscape along 109 Avenue NW and 113 Street NW.

This Provision shall apply to Lots 1-3, Block 11A, Plan 2109 HW located on the northeast corner of 113 Street NW and 109 Avenue NW, as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision, Queen Mary Park

a. Apartment Housing
b. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
c. Child Care Services
d. Convenience Retail Stores
e. Commercial Schools
f. Creation and Production Establishments
g. General Retail Stores
h. Group Homes
i. Health Services
j. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
k. Live Work Units
l. Lodging Houses
m. Major Home Based Business
n. Minor Home Based Business
o. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
p. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
q. Religious Assemblies
r. Residential Sales Centres
s. Restaurants
t. Secondhand Stores
u. Specialty Food Services
v. Urban Gardens
w. Urban Indoor Farms
x. Urban Outdoor Farms
y. Veterinary Services
z. Projecting On-premises Signs
aa. Fascia On-premises Signs
a. Development shall be in general accordance with the attached Appendices, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
b. The maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) shall be 1.5.
c. The maximum number of Dwellings on the Site shall be 16.
d. The maximum Height  shall not exceed 14.5 m.
e. Minimum building Setbacks shall be as follows:
i. 17.5 m from the north property line;
ii. 1.0 m from the east property line; and
iii. 0.0 from the west and south property line.
f. Notwithstanding section 4(e.), the southwest building entrance shall be recessed, in general accordance with Appendix I.
g. All Commercial Uses shall be located on the ground floor (first Storey) only.
h. Apartment Housing shall be permitted only where the first Storey contains Commercial Uses.
i. Apartment Housing shall have access at ground level that is separate from any Commercial premises. The principal residential entrance shall have direct external access to the adjacent public sidewalk, in general accordance with Appendix I.
j. Restaurants shall be limited to 100 occupants and 145 m2 of Public Space.
k. Specialty Food Services shall be limited to 100 occupants and 120 m2 of Public Space.
l. Secondhand Stores shall be limited to a maximum Floor Area of 275 m2.
m. Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries shall be developed accessory to a Restaurant.
n. A minimum of 7.0 m2 of Amenity Area is required per Dwelling.
o. Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit, except for Development Permits for demolition, excavation, shoring or signage, additional Environmental Site Assessment work shall be completed including testing to confirm that hydrocarbon levels outside the installed liner are below residential standards and to delineate the off-site impacts.


Parking, Loading and Access

a. The minimum number of vehicle parking spaces shall be 24 and shall be provided as follows:
i. a minimum of 18 vehicle parking spaces shall be provided within an underground Parking Garage; and
ii. a maximum of 6 parking spaces shall be provided within a surface Parking Area at the rear of the building and accessed from the abutting Lane,of which  a minimum two shall be visitor spaces.
b. Bicycle parking shall be provided in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw except that a minimum of 20 bicycle parking spaces shall be provided on-Site, of which a minimum of 6 spaces shall be short-term spaces for visitors.
c. One (1) off-street vehicular loading space shall be provided on the Site.
d. Vehicular access shall be from the abutting Lane, in general accordance with Appendix I, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).
e. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites or public roadways to the satisfaction of the of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination and Waste Management Services.
f. The Parking Garage ramp must be a minimum of 7.0 m wide.



a. A detailed Landscape Plan shall be submitted with an application for a Development Permit to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
b. Landscaping of Sites shall use plant materials that provide colour throughout the  year to enhance appearance during the winter months.


Urban Design Regulations

a. The building shall be designed to include the use of different architectural elements and treatments, articulated façades, materials, and colours to add variety, rhythm, break up the massing and provide a sense of human scale.
b. Winter design elements such as the use of colour and functional or decorative lighting to enhance the appearance of the building while minimizing light pollution shall be incorporated.
c. A minimum of 50% of the linear Frontage on the ground floor Facades fronting onto 109 Avenue NW frontage shall have transparent glazing.
i. A maximum of 10% of the ground floor glazing may be covered by Signs. The remainder of the glazing shall remain free from obstruction.
d. All exposed building facades shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials,
e. Decorative and security lighting shall be designed and finished in a manner consistent with the design and finishing of the development and shall be provided to ensure a well-lit and safe environment for pedestrians in accordance with Section 58 of the Zoning Bylaw, to accentuate building elements, and to highlight the development at night time and in winter months.  Exterior lighting associated with the development shall be designed such that it has no negative impact on an adjacent property in accordance with Section 51 of the Zoning Bylaw.  A detailed exterior lighting plan shall be provided with the Development Permit application to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
f. All mechanical equipment, including roof mechanical units, shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or concealed by incorporating it within the building.



a. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59F.
b. A Comprehensive Sign Design Plan, with a focus on pedestrian-oriented signs and promoting building identity, shall be submitted with a Development Permit application.


Public Improvements

a. As a condition of any development permit, the owner shall enter into an Agreement with the City of Edmonton for Off-Site improvements necessary to serve the development, such improvements to be constructed at the owner’s cost. The Agreement process includes an engineering drawing review and approval process. Improvements to address in the Agreement include, but are not limited to:
i. the repair of any damage to the abutting roadways, sidewalks and/or boulevard, including the Lane not directly adjacent to the site but which may be used for construction purposes,  resulting from construction of the development to the satisfaction of Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation). The site shall be inspected by Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation) prior to the start of construction and when construction is complete; and
ii. removal of the existing access to 113 Street NW.
b. Prior to the issuance of a Development Permit for the construction of a principal building within this Provision, the Development Officer shall ensure that a signed agreement has been executed between the City and the Owner, requiring the Owner to provide to the City the option to purchase 5% of the proposed number of residential Dwellings at 85% of the market price or pay the equivalent cash in lieu to the City.
c. A minimum of 1 Dwelling shall be a Family Oriented Dwelling. Notwithstanding the definition of Family Oriented Dwelling, each Dwelling shall:
i. have a minimum of three bedrooms;
ii. have individual and direct access to private outdoor Amenity Area in the form of a balcony or patio;
iii. have dedicated and enhanced bulk storage located within the Dwelling, or on the same Storey as the Dwelling; and
iv. access to a minimum of 2 bicycle parking spaces.

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