City of Edmonton | Zoning Bylaw 20001

Passed by Council on October 23, 2023, effective January 1, 2024

Land Acknowledgement

The lands on which Edmonton sits and the North Saskatchewan River that runs through it have been the sites of natural abundance, ceremony and culture, travel and rest, relationship building, making and trading for Indigenous peoples since time immemorial.

Edmonton is located within Treaty 6 Territory and within the Métis homelands and Otipemisiwak Metis Government, including District 9- Fort Edmonton and District 10-Edmonton Whitemud.

We acknowledge this land as the traditional territories of many First Nations such as the Nehiyaw (Cree), Denesuliné (Dene), Nakota Sioux (Stoney), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) and Niitsitapi (Blackfoot).

The City of Edmonton owes its strength and vibrancy to these lands and the diverse Indigenous peoples whose ancestors’ footsteps have marked this territory as well as settlers from around the world who continue to be welcomed here and call Edmonton home.

Together, we call upon all our collective honoured traditions and spirits to work in building a great city for today and future generations.

How to use this bylaw
Part 1 - Contents and Zoning Map
  • Determine your property’s zone by looking up the address in the Zoning Map.

Part 2 - Standard Zones and Overlays

Part 3 - Special Area Zones

Part 4 - Direct Control Zones

  • Review the rules in the zone that applies to your property.
  • Review the rules in an overlay (Part 2) if it applies to your property. An overlay is a set of additional zoning rules that are applied to specific and special areas around the city. It can override or add to the rules of the underlying zone.

Part 5 - General Development Regulations

Part 6 - Specific Development Regulations 

  • Review the general regulations that may apply to your property, such as Parking, Landscaping or Site Performance Standards.
  • Review for any specific requirements related to the proposed uses on the property.
Part 7 - Administrative Regulations
  • Review for any administrative or interpretive regulations regarding the bylaw, development permits and enforcement.
  • Review Section 7.120 - No Development Permit Required to see the types of development and uses that do not require a development permit.
Part 8 - Definitions 
  • Review the definitions to ensure a clear understanding of the terms used in this bylaw. The definitions are separated by land use and other related (general) terms. 
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This online version of the City of Edmonton Zoning Bylaw is a reproduction of legal bylaws, and is consolidated for convenience only. Although all reasonable attempts were made in the production of these consolidations to accurately reflect the original bylaw, and any subsequent Council-approved amendments, the City of Edmonton does not assume responsibility or accept any liability arising from any use of the information presented. In case of uncertainty, the reader is advised to consult the original bylaws, available at the Office of the City Clerk.

Any interpretation or inquiries regarding the Zoning Bylaw can be directed to the Urban Planning and Economy (UPE) Department via 311.