DC2 984

Chappelle - 1325, 1327, 1329, 1331, 1333, 1335, 1337, 1339 Chappelle Boulevard SW and 3103 - 156 Street SW

Bylaw 18272 (February 12, 2018)

To provide Row Housing with primary vehicle access from a Lane and opportunities for accessory suites.

Lots 1 to 8, Block 15, Plan 1620053; a portion of NW 14-51-25-4; located in the Chappelle Neighbourhood shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

a. Chappelle Accessory Suites
b. Limited Group Homes
c. Minor Home Based Business
d. Residential Sales Centre
e. Row Housing
f. Semi-detached Housing
g. Fascia On-Premises Signs
h. Urban Gardens

Chappelle Accessory Suite means a development consisting of a Dwelling located within, and Accessory to, a structure in which the principal use is Row Housing or Semi-detached Housing. A Chappelle Accessory Suite has cooking facilities, food preparation, sleeping and sanitary facilities which are physically separate from those of the principal Dwelling within the structure. A Chappelle Accessory Suite also has an entrance separate from the entrance to the principal Dwelling, either from a common indoor landing or directly from the front, side or rear of the structure. This Use includes the Development or Conversion of Basement space to a separate Dwelling.

a. Notwithstanding Section 720.3(2) of the Zoning Bylaw, a Site Plan is not required to be appended to the Bylaw adopting this Provision.
b. Site Area and Site Dimensions shall be in accordance with Table 1.

 Table 1 Site Area and Site Dimensions

  Minimum Site Area Minimum Site Width Minimum Site Depth
(a) Row Housing internal dwelling 150m2 5.0m 30.0m
(b) Row Housing end Dwelling 186m2 6.2m 30.0m
(c) Semi-detached Housing, each Dwelling 201m2 6.7m 30.0m
c. The maximum Height shall not exceed 12m.
d. The maximum total Site Coverage shall be 62%.
e. The area covered by Impermeable Material shall not exceed 80 percent of the total Lot area.
f. The minimum Front Setback shall be 3.0 m.
g. The Rear Setback shall be established on the following basis:
i. a minimum of 6.0 m shall be provided except that
ii. a minimum of 2.75 m shall be provided where a rear attached Garage forms an integral part of the Dwelling.
h. Minimum Side Setbacks shall be provided on the following basis:
i. 1.2 m excepting a Side Lot Line Abuts a flanking public roadway other than a Lane;
ii. 2.4 m where the Side Lot Line Abuts a flanking public roadway other than a Lane.
i. Separation Space shall not be required:
i. where side walls of Abutting buildings face each other and habitable windows are not located directly opposite each other, such that privacy is not impacted and:
A. in the case of Dwellings on separate Sites, each development complies with the minimum Side Setback requirements for each Dwelling;
B. in the case of Dwellings on the same Site, the separation distance between Dwellings is at least equal to the total of the minimum Side Setback requirements for both Dwellings.
j. Minimum Private Outdoor Amenity Areas shall be provided as follows:
i. each Dwelling shall provide a minimum 15 m2 of contiguous Private Outdoor Amenity Area that may be located within a required Yard, balconies, decks, porches or patios above Grade; neither the width nor depth is less than 3.0 m.
ii. the Outdoor Amenity Area shall be permanently retained as open space, unencumbered by an Accessory building or future additions.
k. Maintenance and/or drainage and utility easement(s) may be required between Abutting buildings and/or through private yards of one or more Dwellings to ensureadequate access for property, drainage and utility maintenance.
l. Each Dwelling within Semi-detached Housing and Row Housing shall be individually defined through a combination of architectural features that may include variations in the rooflines, projection or recession of the Façade, porches or entrance features, building materials, or other treatments.
m. On-site parking shall be provided in accordance with the following requirements:
i. On-Site parking may be provided within a rear detached or rear attached Garage, or on a Site for one Garage that shall be clearly demarcated both on the Site and on the Site Plan accompanying any application for a principal building. The minimum distance from the Rear Lot Line to a Garage or Garage Site shall be 2.75 m. A hard surface walkway is required between a detached Garage or Garage Site and an entry to the principal building;
ii. Where no Garage is developed, a hard surface parking pad a minimum of 4.88 m wide and a minimum of 6.0 m deep, shall be constructed at the rear of each lot. Such hard surface parking pad shall include an underground electrical power connection with outlet on a post 1.0 m in height, located within 1.0 m of the parking pad.
n. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59A.
a. A maximum of one Dwelling per Lot shall be allowed, except where a Chappelle Accessory Suite is developed and may thereby constitute two Dwellings on a lot.
b. The maximum Floor Area of the Accessory Suite shall be as follows:
i. In the case of a Chappelle Accessory Suite located completely below the first Storey of a Dwelling within a Row Housing or Semi-detached Housing development (other than stairways or a common landing), the Floor Area (excluding the area covered by stairways) shall not exceed the Floor Area of the first Storey of the associated principal dwelling.
ii. In the case of a Chappelle Accessory Suite developed completely or partially above grade, the Floor Area (excluding the area covered by stairways) shall not exceed 40% of the total Floor Area above grade of the building containing the associated principal Dwelling, nor 70 m2 whichever is the lesser.
c. The minimum Floor Area for a Chappelle Accessory suite shall not be less than 30 m2.
d. Chappelle Accessory Suites shall not be developed within the same principal Dwelling containing a Limited Group Home.
e. The Chappelle Accessory Suite shall not be separated from the principal Dwelling through a condominium conversion or subdivision.
f. Chappelle Accessory Suites shall not be included in the calculation of densities in this Bylaw.
g. A minimum of one parking space shall be provided for each Chappelle Accessory Suites, in addition to the parking requirements for the primary Dwelling. Parking spaces may be in tandem and may include one Garage space. Where a driveway provides access to a parking space within a Garage, the Development Officer may consider the driveway as a second parking space that is in tandem to the parking space.

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