DC2 946

Glenora - South of Stony Plain Road

Bylaw 17885 (April 10, 2017)

To accommodate a row housing development characteristic of urban settings that, provides a more intensive development with emphasis on quality of architecture, smaller setbacks, orientation to 102 Avenue, higher site coverage, and reduced private amenity requirements.

This Provision shall apply to an approximately 700 m2 site legally described as Lot 1, Block 130, Plan 2602HW in the Glenora neighbourhood, as shown on Schedule A adopting this Provision.

a. Minor Home Based business
b. Residential Sales Centre
c. Row Housing
d. Fascia On-premises Signs
a. The development shall be in general accordance with the attached Appendices (listed below). These Appendices are schematic illustrations of the intended development.
i. Appendix 1: Site Plan
ii. Appendix 2: North Elevation
iii. Appendix 3: South Elevation
iv. Appendix 4: Illustrative Landscape Plan
b. The minimum Site area shall be 700 m2.
c. A maximum of 4 Dwelling units shall be permitted.
d. The maximum Height shall not exceed 10.0 m.
e. The Front Setback shall be a minimum of 2.5 m and a maximum of 5.5 m.
f. Minimum Side Setbacks shall be provided, on the following basis:
i. 1.2 m along the west Lot line abutting the Side Lane
ii. 3 m along the east Lot line
g. The Rear Setback shall be a minimum of 5.5 m.
h. The maximum Site Coverage shall be 55%.
i. Each Dwelling shall provide a minimum of 2 bedrooms.
j. Amenity Areas
i. A minimum Private Outdoor Amenity Area of 8.0 m2 per dwelling shall be provided.
ii. Structures may project into the Rear Setback up to a maximum distance of 1.0 m.
iii. Notwithstanding Section 47 of the Zoning Bylaw, where Private Outdoor Amenity Area is provided, the minimum dimension shall be 1.5 m.
k. A solid uniform screen fence, 1.8 m in height, shall be installed along the east and west property lines except within the required Front Yard.
a. Row Housing shall have rear attached garages.
b. All Dwelling units shall be oriented to front onto 102 Avenue. Each dwelling unit shall have a well-defined individual front door with access to the ground level, leading to a public sidewalk.
c. The front and rear façades of the building shall be designed with detail and articulation to ensure that each Dwelling unit is individually identifiable.
d. Building façades shall be articulated by a combination of recesses, entrances, windows, projections, change in building materials or colours, and shall be in general accordance with Appendix 2: North Elevation and Appendix 4: South Elevation.
e. All exposed building faces shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials such as stone, masonry, metal, wood panels, cement panels, and/or glass.
f. Exterior lighting associated with the development shall be designed, located or screened so as to reduce impacts on adjacent off-site residential units.
a. Driveways shall only be permitted abutting the rear Lane.
b. Off-street Parking shall be provided in Garages incorporated into the rear of the building. A minimum of two parking spaces shall be provided per each Dwelling unit.
a. Landscaping shall comply with Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw and provided in general accordance with Appendix 5: Illustrative Landscape Plan.
b. Landscaping for the Site shall include a minimum of 4 trees and 12 shrubs.
c. Landscape design shall consider appropriate plant material for horticultural zone 3a.
d. Landscaping within the Setback area along the eastern Lot line shall be designed to provide a visual buffer through the use of columnar form trees and/or shrubs.

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