DC2 888

Ebbers - north of 144 Avenue NW and west of the rail right-of-way

Bylaw 17242 (June 9, 2015)

To establish a Direct Control Provision to accommodate development of semi-detached Housing with attached garages with controls and regulations allowing for the implementation of required building setbacks and buffering from the adjacent rail line, in compliance with the Ebbers Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan.

This Provision shall apply to a portion of NE ¼ Sec. 25-53-24-4, located north of 144 Avenue NW and west of the rail right-of-way, Ebbers (Area A), as shown on Schedule “B” Appendix I of this Bylaw, adopting this Provision.

a.Limited Group Homes
b.Minor Home Based Business
c.Semi-detached Housing
d.Residential Sales Centre
e.Fascia On-premises Signs
a.Development shall be generally in accordance with the site plan as shown in the Schedule B Appendix 1. With the submission of a Development Permit application for the site, more detailed site plans shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
b.The minimum Site area shall be 247.5m2 per Dwelling.
c.The minimum Site Width shall be 7.5 m for each Semi-detached Dwelling.
d.The maximum Height shall not exceed 10.0 m nor 2 1/2 Storeys.
e.The maximum total Site Coverage shall not exceed 40%, inclusive of any Accessory Buildings.
f.The minimum Front Yard shall be 5.5 m.
g.The minimum Rear Yard shall be 7.5 m.
h.Side Yards shall be a minimum of 1.2 m.
i.In cases where the Site Width is less than 8.6m the Garage may protrude a maximum of 2.5m beyond the front wall and entry of the Dwelling and have a maximum width of 5.6m. There shall be a minimum width of 1.8m frontage of the first storey of the principal building, other than a Garage, such that the front entry to the Dwelling is exposed to the public roadway.
j.Front attached garages must be designed such that the garage is attached to a shared common wall and includes a shared driveway apron.
k.Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59A.
l.Principal buildings must be Setback a minimum of 30.0 m from the railway right-of-way as it exists on January 2007.
m.All residential development must be separated from the railway by a solid screen fence which shall be placed on top of a minimum 2.0m berm to achieve the required Height. A minimum Height differential of 4.5 m between the top of the railway track and the top of the fence must be maintained.

General Site Landscaping shall be developed in accordance with the following;

a.one deciduous tree or one coniferous tree, and two shrubs shall be required in the Front Yard for each Dwelling, except where the Front Yard is 4.5 m or less, and a landscape boulevard is provided in accordance with 150.4(6)(c)(i), the tree may be placed within the Rear or Side Yard, rather than the Front Yard;
b.all applications for a Development Permit shall include a Site plan that identifies the location, species and size of Landscaping required in subsection 150.4(11)(a); and
c.all required Landscaping shall be consistent with the relevant requirements of subsection 55.4.

A minimum private Yard area of 45.0 m2 per Dwelling shall be designated on the Site Plan for the active or passive recreation use of the occupants. This Yard area shall be located immediately adjacent to, and with direct access from, the Dwelling it is intended to serve. Neither the width nor length of such a Yard shall be less than 4.0m. This minimum private Yard may be located within a required Yard, other than a Front Yard. This Yard shall be permanently retained as open space, unencumbered by an Accessory Building or future additions.

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