DC2 865

Lansdowne - 12204 – 48 Avenue NW

Bylaw 16861 (June 24, 2014)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision to encourage the retention of the existing residential structure by providing opportunity for the conversion of this structure to small scale health services and professional office uses. New development and conversions will be of a scale and design that is complementary to the existing low density residential dwellings in the area.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 18; Block 24; Plan 1800NY; containing 0.06 ha, more or less; located at 12204 – 48 Avenue NW, as shown on Schedule A of the Bylaw adopting this Provision, Lansdowne.

a.Health Services
b.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
c.Single Detached Housing
d.Semi-Detached Housing
e.Minor Home Based Business
f.Major Home Based Business
g.Secondary Suites
h.Live Work Units
i.Fascia On-premises signs
a. The Site layout and building location shall be in general accordance with the Site Plan as illustrated in Appendix I.
b. All exterior development shall be designed to appear as Single Detached Housing and shall be compatible with the residential character of the neighbourhood.
c. Setbacks shall be in accordance with the (RF1) Single Detached Residential Zone.
d. Residential Development shall be in accordance with the development regulations as contained in the (RF1) Single Detached Residential Zone, Section 110.4 of the Zoning Bylaw, unless specifically excluded or modified by the regulations contained herein.
e. Commercial Development shall be in accordance with the regulations as contained in the (CNC) Neighbourhood Convenience Commercial Zone, Section 310 of the Zoning Bylaw, unless specifically excluded or modified by the regulations contained herein.
f. Notwithstanding clause (4.e), commercial uses shall not be permitted above the first storey.
g. Vehicular Access to the site shall be provided from the east lane.
h. Notwithstanding Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw (6) six hard surfaced parking spaces shall be provided, in accordance with Appendix I.
i. The parking area shall be screened with fencing and landscaping to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
j. Landscaping shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw.
k. Notwithstanding Section 59D of the Zoning Bylaw, a maximum of two non-illuminated Fascia On-premises Signs shall be permitted for non-residential Uses. Signs shall:
i. face 48 Avenue and/or the east lane;
ii. the maximum Sign Area for any such sign shall be 2.0 m²; and
iii. Signs shall not exceed the maximum height of this provision.

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