DC2 845

Cromdale - northeast corner of 82 Street and 112 Avenue

Bylaw 16527 (August 26, 2013)

To establish a community-oriented commercial business district that ensures the building and site design are compatible with adjacent residential development.

This Provision shall apply Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 9924817, located at the northeast corner of 82 Street and 112 Avenue, as shown on Schedule "A" appended to the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision, Cromdale.

a.Animal Hospitals and Shelters
b.Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
c.Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs for less than 100 occupants
d.Business Support Services
e.Child Care Services
f.Commercial Schools
g.Creation and Production Establishments
h.Drive-in Food Services
i.Gas Bars
j.General Retail Stores
k.Government Services
l.Health Services
m.Household Repair Services
n.Indoor Participant Recreation Services
o.Minor Alcohol Sales
p.Minor Amusement Establishments
q.Minor Service Stations
r.Personal Service Shops
s.Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
t.Private Clubs
u.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
v.Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
w.Recycled Materials Drop-off Centres
x.Recycling Depots
z.Specialty Food Services
aa.Spectator Entertainment Establishments
bb.Veterinary Services
cc.Warehouse Sales
a. Notwithstanding Section 720.3(2) of the Zoning Bylaw, no Site Plan is appended to this provision.
b. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 3.0.
c. A minimum Yard of 4.5 m (14.76 ft.) shall be required on the east, south and west sides of the Site a minimum Yard of 3 m (9.84 ft.) shall be required on the north side of the Site.
d. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required Yard, except that a drive through lane associated with the existing building in the southwest corner will be permitted in the south and west Yards. Perimeter landscaping shall be provided between the drive through lane and the property line as a visual buffer.
e. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent Sites, public roadways or Light Rail Transit lines in accordance with the provisions of subsection 55.4 of this Bylaw. If the rear or sides of a Site are used for parking, an outdoor service or display area or both, and abut a Residential District, such areas shall be screened in accordance with the provisions of subsection 55.4 of this Bylaw.
f. No loading facilities for General Retail Stores shall be located on the east side of a building and adjacent to the neighbouring residential development.
g. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 14 m (45.93 ft.) nor 4 storeys.
h. Each individual General Retail Store and Warehouse Sales use shall be limited to a maximum of 3900 m2 (41,980.6 sq. ft.) of gross floor area.
i. The Development Officer shall not issue a development permit for any development on this Site unless a development permit for a General Retail (grocery store) use has been issued prior to or concurrent with the application for such other development permits. Following the approval of a development permit for the General Retail (grocery store) use there shall be no further restrictions on the Development Officers ability to issue development permits for the Site.
j. Recycled Materials Drop-off Centres and Recycling Depots shall be ancillary to a listed use.
k. Development shall comply with the following architectural guidelines:
i. exterior building finishes shall consist of brick, siding, split stone, stucco or pre-cast concrete materials, used either separately or in combination;
ii. building roofs shall establish a common architectural theme and add architectural interest. Roofs shall be finished with cedar shakes, cedar shakes, cedar siding, asphalt shingles or metal unless the roof is concealed from view by other building details, such as a parapet wall, when viewed at normal eye level;
iii. all mechanical equipment on the roof of any building shall be completely screened or incorporated within the building roof; and
iv. any building with a single wall exceeding 30 m (98.4 ft.) in length shall comply with the following guidelines:
A. the roof line and building facade shall include design elements and variation that reduce the perceived mass of the building and add architectural interest; and
B. the provision of shrubs and trees adjacent to building walls to minimize the perceived mass of the building and create visual interest.

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