DC2 809

Grovenor - located at 10217 - and 10221 - 149 Street NW, and east of 149 Street NW

Bylaw 15676 (November 21, 2011)

To accommodate a low-rise apartment development, that achieves a high standard of appearance while ensuring compatibility in mass and scale with surrounding residential and commercial development and a pedestrian-friendly character and streetscape. 

This DC2 Provision shall apply to Lots 32 and 33, Block 12, Plan 7601AE; located at 10217 - and 10221 - 149 Street NW, and east of 149 Street NW as shown on Schedule ”A” of the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision; Grovenor.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Stacked Row Housing
c. Row Housing
d. Semi Detached
e. Duplex Housing
f. Single Detached
g. Secondary Suites, where developed within a Single Detached Housing form
h. Child Care Services
i. Minor and Major Home Based Business
j. Residential Sales Centre
k. Fascia On-premises Signs
l. Projecting On-premises Signs


a. Development shall be in general accordance with the Site Plan and other drawings as shown in the Appendices.
b. The maximum number of units shall not exceed 14 dwelling units.
c. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.4.
d. The maximum building height shall not exceed 11.0 m, nor 3 Storeys.
e. Six (6) dwellings shall be Family Oriented Dwellings.
f. The minimum required Yards are as follows:
i. 6.0 m adjacent to the west property line (149 Street);
ii. 3.0 m adjacent to the north property line (abutting adjacent RF3);
iii. 7.5 m adjacent to the east property line (alley); and
iv. 3.0 m adjacent to the south property line.
g. Stepbacks are as follows:
i. The portion of the building exceeding 8.6 m or 2 ½ Storeys in height shall have a minimum 5.0 m Stepback from the north property line;
ii. where a Stepback is provided, it shall be a minimum of 2.0 m; and
iii. at a maximum height of 8.6 m or 2 ½ storeys the directly adjacent façade shall be stepped or sloped back at a minimum angle of 45 degrees from the vertical plane for a minimum horizontal distance of 2.0 m to optimize access to sunlight, increase privacy and otherwise provide for an appropriate transition to the abutting property.
h. A solid screen fence, 1.83 m in height, shall be installed along the north property line.
i. The Development Officer shall require information regarding the location of windows and Amenity Areas facing on adjacent properties and shall ensure the windows or Amenity Areas of the proposed development are placed to minimize overlook into adjacent properties.
j. Parking shall be provided in accordance with TOD development guidelines and located to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and Transportation Services. All parking stalls off the alley must be a minimum depth of 5.5 m. Visitor parking must be provided as surface parking.
k. Vehicular access to the Site shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and the Transportation Services, and shall be as follows:
i. Vehicular access to the site shall be taken from the alley on the east side of the property;
ii. The underground driveway ramp must be at grade at the property line and must not exceed a slope of 6% for a minimum distance of 4.5 m from the property line or to the satisfaction of the Transportation Services;
iii. Any underground parking access card devices must be located on site, a minimum of 3.0 m inside the property line; and
iv. The proposed retaining walls shall not exceed a height of 0.3 m at the property line and the wall shall not encroach onto road right-of-way.
v. Repair of any damage to the abutting roadways, sidewalks and/or boulevards resulting from construction of the development, to the satisfaction of the Transportation Services. The site must be inspected by the Transportation Services prior to the start of construction and once again when construction is complete.
l.Trash collection must be accessed by a hard-surfaced concrete or asphalt apron to the lane that does not exceed a slope of 2%, to the satisfaction of Waste Management. Loading, storage, and trash collection areas shall be screened from view from any adjacent sites or public roadways in accordance with the provisions of subsection 55.4 of the Zoning Bylaw.
m.Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59B for Apartment Housing. Parking for visitors shall be clearly signed.
n.This site falls within 400 m of the proposed west LRT station. This site must follow TOD (Transit Oriented Development) development guidelines.



a. Notwithstanding subsection 4, Apartment Housing up to four Dwellings, Row Housing, Stacked Row Housing, Semi-detached, Duplex Housing and Single-detached Uses, in this Zone shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of the RF3 Zone.
b. Development Regulations for Semi-detached, Duplex Housing and Single-detached Housing Uses: Development shall comply with the regulations contained in the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay.
a. Development shall create an active frontage for all ground-floor, street-front Apartment Housing directly accessible to 149 Street, featuring individual external front door entrances with municipal addresses to lend a sense of occupancy to the street.
b. Architectural design details:
i. Terraced stepbacks on the north facade in order to minimize the shadowing effects on the adjacent properties, to provide architectural variety and interest, and to create balconies and terrace areas for the enjoyment of building residents.
ii. The building shall be designed to include the use of different architectural elements and treatments, materials and colours, to break up the massing and provide a sense of human scale.
iii. The massing of the residential building walls shall be reduced through architectural elements such as changes in plane (e.g., recesses and projections), changes in building finishes, materials and textures, or other features that create an identifiable pattern and sense of human scale.
iv. Exterior finishing materials shall provide visual interest and be durable and of high quality, including, but not limited to, natural and synthetic stone, brick, acrylic stucco, metal and glazing and is to be consistent with treatment on all faces of the buildings. Vinyl siding is prohibited as a finishing material for the apartment building.
v. The parkade entrance shall be finished in a material compatible with the base of the building (no exposed concrete) creating a unified exterior. Any required retaining walls for the parkade entry must be incorporated into the landscape plan and utilized for decorative landscaping such as planters and railing. Any structures, including fencing and planters, adjacent to or part of the parkade entrance must no block sight lines to the alley.
vi. All material equipment on a roof of any building shall be concealed by screening in manner compatible with the architectural character of the building, or concealed by incorporating it within the building.
c. Landscaping
i. Landscaping shall be in accordance with Section 55.
ii. The Development Officer shall not waive the requirements of Section 55.3 and the Development Officer shall ensure that the Landscape Plan also include:
A. Enhanced Landscaping around all edges of hard-surfaced areas including the main entrance walkway, visitor parking, parkade entry, rear courtyard, and any front and rear porches or patios.
B. Walkways to ground floor active residential units shall be exposed aggregate or a similar decorative hard surface (not plain concrete). Low decorative metal fencing, planters, low landscaping lights and coloured paving walkways to individual units are encouraged to create an attractive pedestrian environment and mitigate the perceived massing of the building from the street.
C. The Development Officer shall require that the required landscaped Yards, or any portions of it, be unobstructed and undisturbed below grade in order to provide an adequate growing environment (soil composition, depth, etc.) for the maturation of required Landscaping.
d. Amenity space
i. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5 m2 per Dwelling shall be provided.
ii. Platform structures within the side yard shall be prohibited on the north side of the building, as illustrated on Appendix III.

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