DC2 747

Glenora - located east of 139 Street NW and north of 102 Avenue NW

Bylaw 15082 (April 27, 2009)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision with enhanced design guidelines to allow for a two-storey building that can accommodate either Single Detached Housing or Professional and Office Support Service while remaining compatible with surrounding residential uses.

This Provision shall apply to Lot 2, Block 109, Plan 4382 HW, located east of 139 Street and north of 102 Avenue, as shown on Schedule 'A', Glenora.

a. Single Detached Housing;
b. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services;
c. On Premises Signs; and
d. Projected on premises signs.
a. As per Section 720.3(3) of the Zoning Bylaw, all regulations in the Zoning Bylaw shall apply to this Direct Control Provision unless specifically excluded or modified by the regulations contained herein;
b. Development of the uses, including the Professional, Financial and Office Support Services, shall be in accordance with the development regulations contained in Sections 110.4, 110.5 and 814 of the Zoning Bylaw unless specifically modified or excluded by the regulations contained herein;
c. Setbacks to the property shall be in accordance with the site plan in Appendix I; and
d. The following regulations shall apply to the building on site for the Professional, Financial and Office Support Services use:
i. The maximum height shall be 8.6 metres or 2½ storeys, excluding the cupola;
ii. The building shall have, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer, in consultation with the Planning and Development Urban Design Group, an external appearance which is in keeping with the finishing materials, appearance and characteristics of a majority of the surrounding Single Detached Housing;
iii. The building shall maintain its existing westerly orientation;
iv. Building finishings/exterior materials shall be limited to a mixture of brick (similar in colour and texture to bricks found in the surrounding Glenora neighbourhood), Stone, Stucco, Textured Concrete and wood siding;
v. To ensure a high standard of appearance and a sensitive transition to the adjacent residences, detailed landscaping and fencing plans, the latter being made from brick (similar in colour and texture to those found in Glenora), wood, stone or Hedge, shall be submitted with the development permit application;
vi. Eight (8) parking spaces shall be provided as shown on Appendix I;
vii. Vehicular Access to the site shall be in accordance with Appendix I;
viii. No portable signs will be permitted;
ix. Signage will be permitted on the western side of the property in locations as shown on Appendix I;
x. Identification signage shall not exceed 1.5 square metres in area and not extend higher than 2.0 metres at grade, as shown on Appendix II; and
xi. The basement portion of the dwelling shall not be used for Professional, Financial and Office Services.

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