DC2 704

Riverdale - located south of 101 Avenue NW and west of 87 Street NW

Bylaw 14739 (September 5, 2007)

To accommodate a low rise apartment building and a community recreation services use on an infill site designed to be compatible in scale and character with adjacent developments.

Lots 5 and 7, Block B, Plan 4047 ET, located south of 101 Avenue NW and west of 87 Street NW, Riverdale.

a. Apartment Housing
b. Community Recreation Services Use limited to a maximum occupancy of 35.
c. Minor Home Based Business
d. Fascia On-premises Sign
a. The Site shall be developed in accordance with the attached Site Plan (Appendix I), Landscaping Plan (Appendix II), Basement Plan (Appendix III) and Elevations (Appendix IV).
b. The maximum number of Dwellings shall be nine (9).
c. The maximum Height shall not exceed 11.4 m, nor 3 storeys.
d. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be .98
e. The minimum Front, Rear and Side Yards shall be provided as shown in Appendix I.
f. A solid screen fence 1.83 m in height shall be installed along the east property line as shown on Appendix I.
g. The development shall provide 11 parking stalls: 8 on-site parking spaces which will include 2 visitor parking spaces (as shown on Appendix I) and 3 off-site stalls located in the parking lot on the adjacent Sundance property. The visitor parking spaces shall be appropriately signed.
h. A detailed Landscaping Plan shall be prepared by a registered landscape architect generally in accordance with the landscape concept shown in Appendix II and the requirements of Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw, and shall be submitted and approved by the Development Officer prior to the approval of any development Permit. The Plan shall also include details of the Amenity areas, pavement materials, exterior lighting, street furniture elements, noise attenuation and outdoor lighting fixtures, pedestrian seating areas and sizes and species of new planting for the entire site.
i. A minimum Amenity Area of 7.5m2 per dwelling unit shall be provided in the form of balconies or private open spaces associated with units at grade.
j. A single front door entrance with municipal address shall be developed on 101 Avenue.
k. Pedestrian access to the Community Recreation Services Use shall be restricted to the rear of the property. Vehicular access to the site shall be from the abutting rear Lane.
l. The garbage collection area shall be provided in the location shown in Appendix I, and shall be screened with 1.83m high wood enclosure on all sides, complete with a roof.
m. The Fascia On-premises Sign shall not be larger than 2 m2 and shall comply with Schedule 59B of the Zoning Bylaw.
n. Minor Home Based Businesses shall comply with Section 74 of the Zoning Bylaw.
o. Community Recreation Services shall be used exclusively for the future residents of the building and the residents of the Sundance Housing Co-operative Ltd and guests.
p. Development on this site shall comply with Section 812 (Floodplain Protection Overlay) of the Zoning Bylaw.
q. A Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment shall be provided to the Development Officer and approved, prior to development approval to ensure that development provides a safe urban environment in accordance with the guidelines and principles established in the Design Guide for a Safer City.
r. Development shall be in accordance with the following architectural and site design guidelines to the satisfaction of the Development Officer:
i. Building design and site improvements recommended by the Edmonton Design Committee shall be incorporated into the project, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer at the Development Permit stage.
ii. The development shall generally incorporate the principles of Barrier Free Design as it applies to building access, thresholds, hallway widths, doorway sizes, and residential bathroom water closet clearances.
iii. Architectural treatment of all facades of the building shall create a unified building exterior. The exterior finishes shall consist of acrylic stucco, metal and brick, as shown on the attached Elevations. The use of cementations stucco and vinyl siding is not permitted;
iv. design techniques including, but not limited to, variations in building setbacks and articulation of building facades, shall be employed in order to minimize the perception of massing of the buildings when viewed from the adjacent areas and from public roadways;
v. The architectural treatment of the first storey must create an attractive human scaled, pedestrian friendly street environment, particularly along 101 Avenue.
vi. Windows facing East (as shown in Appendix IV East Elevation) in the common hallways shall be of a material which will permit light to enter but shall prevent persons inside from having a clear view out.
vii. A noise attenuation screen shall be installed along the east side of the 101 Avenue entry walkway, as shown on Appendix I-Site Plan, This screen shall be designed to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
viii. A noise attenuation wall measuring 1.1 m in height shall be provided at the top of the below grade patio area East wall as shown on Appendix I- Site Plan.
ix. Exterior lighting of the sunken patio, stairwell, pedestrian access and security lighting shall be designed to prevent light from directly spilling over into the adjacent neighbours' properties.

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