DC2 697

Gariepy - south of Callingwood Road and west of 172 Street

Bylaw 14630 (July 9, 2007)

The purpose of this Site Specific Development Control Provision is to accommodate Professional, Financial and Office Support Services, Convenience Commercial uses, Personal Service uses and Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits which are intended to serve the day to day needs of residents within new or established neighbourhoods.

This DC2 Provision shall apply Lot 46, Block 12, Plan 772 2037, located south of Callingwood Road and west of 172 Street, Gariepy, as shown on Schedule ”A” annexed to the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision.

a.Convenience Retail Stores
b.Health Services
c.Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
d.Personal Service Shops
e.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
f.Apartment Housing
g.Commercial Schools
h.Child Care Services
i.Gas Bars
j.General Retail Stores
k.Indoor Participant Recreation Services
l.Minor Veterinary Services
m.Religious Assembly
n.Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
a. Development of the Site shall be in accordance with the Site Plan attached to this Provision, as Appendix I.
b. Development on this site shall comply with Sections 310.4 and 310.5 of the Zoning Bylaw; excepting subsection 1 of Section 310.4 (maximum floor area of any individual business premise shall not exceed 275 m2) shall not apply to the development of Professional, Financial, and Office Support Services.

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