DC2 691

Queen Mary Park - south of 105 Avenue and west of 116 Street

Bylaw 14417 (February 26, 2007)

To accommodate a residential mixed-use development which encourages active streetscapes and pedestrian activity, and is appropriate to a site abutting the 105 Avenue Multi-Use Trail Corridor.

Lot 106, Block 16, Plan 820MC, Lot 107A, Block 16, Plan 9221516, and Lot 112, Block 17, Plan 22RS, located south of 105 Avenue and west of 116 Street, Queen Mary Park, as shown on Schedule ”C” Map of the Bylaw adopting this provision.

a.Apartment Housing
b.Boarding and Lodging Houses, for seniors housing only
c.Child Care Services
d.Commercial Schools
e.General Retail Stores
f.Government Services
g.Health Services
h.Indoor Participant Recreation Services, limited to health and fitness clubs
i.Minor Home Based Business
j.Personal Service Shops
k.Private Clubs
l.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
m.Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits
n.Residential Sales Centre
o.Restaurants, for less than 100 occupants and 120m2 of Public Space
p.Specialty Food Services, for less than 100 occupants and 120m2 of Public Space
q.Stacked Row Housing, including Row Housing
r.Fascia On-premises Signs
s.Freestanding On-premises Signs
t.Projecting On-premises Signs
u.Temporary On-premises Signs
a.All development shall be in accordance with the drawings contained in Appendix I attached hereto.
b.The overall Site development shall be in accordance with the urban design regulations established herein and in the Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park Area Redevelopment Plan.
c.Prior to the issuance of any Development Permit, the owner shall provide proof satisfactory to the Development Officer in consultation with Alberta Environment, the Capital Health Authority, and the Transportation Department that, if necessary, the lands have been remediated to allow the intended uses.
d.The maximum Floor Area Ratio of any development shall be 2.5
e.The maximum Density for residential developments shall be 150 Dwellings/ha.
f.The maximum Height shall be 4 storeys or 14.0 m.
g.No Front, Rear or Side Yards are required.
h.A building Setback to a maximum of 6.5 m shall be permitted from the south property line. Landscaping within this Setback shall be the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
i.A building Setback to a maximum of 6.0 m shall be permitted from the north property line. This Setback shall not be used exclusively for soft landscaping and may contain sidewalk cafes, colonnades, arcades, or plazas.
j.Apartment Housing shall have access at Grade that is separate from Commercial premises on the ground floor.
k.Access to the vehicular Parking Garage from 105 Avenue must be in accordance with the 105 Avenue Corridor Study and to the satisfaction of the Transportation and Planning and Development Departments.
l.Parking structures shall be fully enclosed and its exposed roofs shall be treated as outdoor amenity space.
m.Loading, storage, and trash collection areas shall be located in such a manner to be screened from view from adjacent sites and 105 Avenue in accordance with the provisions of Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw.
n.Any underground driveway ramp shall not exceed a slope of 8.3% and the ramp must be at-Grade at the property line.
o.No surface vehicular parking areas are permitted abutting 105 Avenue.
p.Vehicular and Bicycle Parking for all Uses shall be in accordance with Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw. No variances from these requirements shall be granted.
q.Secure indoor resident Bicycle Parking and outdoor visitor Bicycle Parking shall be provided for the development. The number of Bicycle Parking stalls and their location shall be to the satisfaction of the Transportation Department.
r.The owner shall submit a market value appraisal for the subject Site at the time of the submission of a Development Permit application for the purposes of determining the amount of the redevelopment levy that applies to the Site. The appraisal will estimate the market value of the subject Site, based on the highest and best use of the land, as if vacant, and with the effective date of valuation being within 30 days of Development Permit application. The appraisal report must be reviewed and accepted by the Appraisal Section of the Asset Management and Public Works Department, and the Community Services Department. The redevelopment levy shall be an amount representing 8% of the estimated market value of the Site, as if vacant, and shall be paid to the City of Edmonton as a condition of the approval of a Development Permit. All redevelopment levies collected will be used to fund the acquisition of public park space as identified in the Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park Area Redevelopment Plan.
s.The owner shall be responsible for the costs of the required streetscape improvements to the portion(s) of 105 Avenue abutting the Site (from private property line to the new curb) that are identified by the 105 Avenue Corridor Study, and/or identified by the Community Services, Planning and Development, or Transportation Departments as part of the development. These costs shall be paid to the City of Edmonton as a condition of the approval of a Development Permit. These streetscaping improvements may include, but are not limited to, new sidewalks, streetlights, boulevard landscaping, boulevard trees, street furniture, and/or the relocation of utilities underground.
t.The Site plan submitted with a Development Permit application must indicate the coordination between development on the subject Site and the adjacent 105 Avenue corridor, in accordance with the 105 Avenue Study Corridor.
u.The owner, when deemed necessary, shall be responsible for analyzing a portion of the sewer system affected by the development Site to determine sewer servicing and upgrading requirements to the satisfaction of the Drainage Services Branch of the Asset Management and Public Works Department. In addition, costs for relocating/abandoning sewer lines as a result of street/lane closures will be the responsibility of the owner.
v.All mechanical equipment, including roof mechanical units, shall be concealed by screening in a manner compatible with the architectural character of the building or concealed by incorporating it within the building.
w.The owner shall submit a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessment for the parking garage that shall be reviewed and accepted by the Development Officer prior to the issuance of a Development Permit to ensure that development on the Site provides a safe urban environment in accordance with the guidelines and principles established in the Design Guide for a Safer City.
x.Signs shall comply with the regulations in Schedule 59B of the Zoning Bylaw. Portable Signs shall not be permitted on any Site.
a. All development shall include design elements such as, but not limited to, articulation of the façade, the use of recessions and projections such as canopies, bay windows, and entrance features, and architectural features such as cornices, sign bands, pilasters, and parapets to reduce the perceived mass of the building, add architectural interest, and to promote the pedestrian scale of the abutting street.
b. No portion of the Parking Garage shall be permitted within 6.0 m of the building façade facing 105 Avenue.
Explanatory Note

Community identity, stability of ownership, and residential character all require that a relationship be developed between residents, businesses, and the neighbourhood. Minimum setbacks for useable space, separating above ground parking from the front of a building, provides an opportunity for a range of building uses that bind people more fully to the community and thereby contribute to the character and identity of the area. The following graphic representation provides a possible conceptual application of regulation [5.b)] for interpretive purposes. Note, the ground floor setback may be different from that of the floors above it.

Bylaw 14417 Figure 1
c.Development shall address 105 Avenue with individual entrances that are clearly visible to lend a sense of occupancy to the street.
d.Where a Dwelling unit is provided at ground level abutting 105 Avenue the principal entrance to the unit shall have direct external access to the adjacent public sidewalk.
e.Where a Commercial Use is provided at ground level abutting 105 Avenue the principal entrance to the unit shall have direct external access to the adjacent public sidewalk. A minimum of 50% of the ground (first) floor level portion of the façade abutting 105 Avenue shall be comprised of clear, non-reflective glazing to promote pedestrian interaction and safety.
f.At least 80% of the floor elevation of the ground (first) floor shall be no higher that 1.0 m above the mean Grade of the adjacent sidewalk, at the property line.
g.Any portion of a building façade visible from 105 Avenue and greater than 15.0 m in length and shall include design elements, materials, and articulation to reduce the perceived mass of the building façade and add architectural interest.
h.Blank walls (with or without windows) associated with the vehicular Parking Garage shall not be visible from, 105 Avenue.
i.To ensure a high standard of development, building design plans shall be submitted with a Development Permit application. Such plans shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer and shall include details of overall site layout, exterior building treatment and colour scheme, perimeter and internal landscaping, fencing and screening, and surface vehicular parking layout.
j.The finishing of the development shall consist of materials such as glass and glazed window wall systems, brick, stone, architectural concrete, pre-cast coloured concrete, and/or acrylic stucco.
k.Acrylic stucco as a finishing material shall be limited to a maximum of 45% of the exterior surface area of the development.
l.Development on a Site shall incorporate functional and decorative lighting to enhance the appearance of the building during the winter months, and, if applicable, to provide additional lighting for the 105 Avenue corridor.
m.Commercial Uses developed on the ground (first) floor and built to the property line shall include weather protection in the form of a canopy at least 2.0 m wide, or any other method suitable to the architectural style of the building or street theme, one Storey above sidewalk level to create a comfortable environment for pedestrians
n.Development shall be designed through its massing and location, to avoid adverse microclimatic effects such as wind tunneling, snow drifting, rain sheeting, shadowing, and loss of sunlight, both on and off-site. The Development Officer may require the submission of a Wind Impact Statement or Study, and/or a Sun Shadow Impact Study to determine that proposed development achieves these objectives.
o.Main building entrances for any Use shall be designed for universal accessibility. Level changes from the sidewalk to entrances of buildings shall be minimized. Sidewalk furniture and other elements shall be located out of the travel path to ensure they are not obstacles to building access.
a.Apartment Housing development on this site should incorporate 100 percent visitability and 10 percent adaptable suites to ensure universal accessibility.
b.Where feasible, development should provide gardens or patios on the top of the podium level and building rooftops to improve rooftop aesthetics and provide additional amenity space.
c.Development on this site should utilize infrastructure practices and site designs that reduce the consumption of water, energy, and materials consistent with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
d.Landscaping on this site should consider the use of plant materials that provide colour throughout the year to enhance their appearance during the winter months.
e.A variety of residential housing forms should be encouraged to support an enhanced pedestrian environment.
f.The redevelopment and/or renovation of existing buildings on this site should address the adjacent street with frontage that improves the pedestrian environment.

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