DC2 663

Bonnie Doon - north side of Whyte (82) Avenue, west of 85 Street NW

Bylaw 14094 (September 29, 2005)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision to accommodate residential development to ensure that development will be compatible with the surrounding residential and commercial development.

Lot 34, Block 27, Plan 922 0334 and a portion of road right-of-way on the north side of Whyte (82) Avenue to be closed by Bylaw 14093, as shown on Schedule ”A” of this Bylaw, adopting this provision.

a.Apartment Housing
b.Minor Home Based Business
c.Fascia On-premises Signs
d.Projecting On-premises Signs
a. The development shall be in accordance with the site development plan attached as Appendices I and II.
b. The building design shall be in accordance with the illustrations attached hereto as Appendix III.
c. The maximum number of dwelling units shall be 128.
d. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 2.4.
e. The maximum building height shall not exceed 18.7m or 4 storeys.
f. A patio covering at least 100 m2 of the roof shall be developed on the roof of the building.
g. The periphery of the roof will be landscaped to provide additional green space.
h. The minimum building setbacks will be as follows:
i. front yard 6.0 m
ii. rear yard 6.0 m
iii. side yard 4.0 m
iv. wall projections (not to exceed 7 m in length) shall be allowed to project up to 0.6 m into the building setback area.
i. Landscaped yards shall be provided as follows:
i. A landscaped yard of 6.0 m in width shall be provided adjacent to the south property lines.
ii. A landscaped yard of 4.0 m shall be provided adjacent to the east and west property lines.
j. Parking and off-street vehicular loading and unloading facilities shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw.
k. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection or outdoor display shall be permitted within the required landscaped yard. Parking, loading storage and trash collection areas shall be located in such a manner as to be screened from view from adjacent residential sites and public roadways in accordance with the provisions of Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw.
l. Access to the site shall consist of one all-directional access from 85 Street to a back lane on the north side of the property, and one-way access from the service road on the south side of the property.
m. The Developer shall enter into a Servicing Agreement for offsite improvements necessary as a result of the development. These improvements include, but are not limited to the following:
i. Alley upgrade;
ii. Service road and sidewalk upgrade; and
iii. Construction of the service road entrance and revised 85 Street intersection with Whyte Avenue, the closed road right-of-way adjacent to Whyte Avenue.
n. Compensation for removal or damage to existing boulevard trees must be paid to the Community Services Department as per the City’s Tree Policy. An on-site meeting with a representative of the Forestry Section of the Community Services Department must occur before construction begins.
o. Development in this Provision shall comply with the following architectural guidelines to the satisfaction of the Development Officer:
i. The perceived massing of the building, when viewed from the adjacent residential area to the north and west, shall be minimized through the use of building setbacks, the articulation of the building façade and roof lines and the choice and colour of finishing materials.
ii. All exterior finishing materials must be of good quality, durable and attractive in appearance, with consistent treatment on all faces of the building. At minimal, the ground floor and area around the principle main entrance shall be brick.
iii. Architectural detailing as shown in the plans/illustrations, such as the dentilation features and brackets at the eave level and banding, etc. shall be present in the completed scheme.
iv. Cornice details shall be present at the roof line where eaves are not present.
v. The principal entrance shall be prominent and centrally placed.
vi. Ground floor units shall have separate entrances to the street. The main door to these units shall not be by means of patio or sliding doors.
vii. The decks/patios shall be integrated into the design of the building. The lower portion above the ground floor will be visually heavier and notable to emphasis the ground floor entrances.
viii. Windows and openings shall have architectural trim details around them.
ix. Exterior finishing materials shall be primarily neutral or earth tones with brighter colours used for accents and feature elements. Different coloured materials in a vertical pattern will be used to differentiate projecting/recessing portions of the building.
x. All mechanical equipment on the roof shall be completely screened in the building roof.
xi. Any exterior lighting of the site shall be designed so that the lighting is directed away form the adjacent residential development to the north and west and illumination shall not extend beyond the boundaries of the site.
p. Signs may be allowed in this Provision in accordance with Schedule 59B and in accordance with the general provisions of Sections 59 of the Zoning Bylaw.
q. The applicant shall submit a Comprehensive Sign Design Plan upon submission of a Development Permit pursuant to Section 59.3 of the Zoning Bylaw.
r. To ensure that a high standard of appearance and sensitive transition to the surrounding land uses are achieved, detailed landscaping plans shall be submitted with the initial Development Permit application, for approval by the Development Officer in accordance with the requirements specified by this Provision.

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