DC2 660

Rossdale - Rossdale Road, between 105 Street NW & 104 Street NW

Bylaw 14044 (July 13, 2005)

To accommodate the development of the Traditional Burial Grounds/Fort Edmonton Cemetery and a public park and to establish regulations to ensure that the site is developed in a manner that is culturally sensitive and compatible with the historic nature of the area.

This provision shall apply to the portion of Rossdale Road closed by Bylaw 13766 and portions of Block OT, Plan 5534KS, Block OT, Plan NB (C. of T. 193E78), and Block C, Plan 3641CL, Rossdale

b.Public Park
c.Fascia On-premises Signs, limited to the Belvedere structure.
a.All development shall be in accordance with the Site plan as illustrated on Appendix 1.
b.Prior to the issuance of any Development Permit for the Site, the Development Officer shall review the site plan and construction procedures with Alberta Community Development.
c.The Community Services Department shall maintain ground cover, including grass or hard cover (paved trails), in order to minimize or preclude direct access to the underlying sediments.
d.A detailed landscaping plan for the entire Site shall be submitted prior to approval of the Development Permit and approved by the Development Officer, in consultation with the Community Services Department. The Development Officer shall consider variances to the landscaping requirements in the Zoning Bylaw subject to the submission of a detailed site plan.
e.The Trans-Canada Trail extends across the Site, as shown on Appendix 1.
f.The location of the reinterment area will be defined by the Community Services Department, to the satisfaction of Alberta Community Development.
g.A comprehensive Sign Design plan schedule with the overall intent of Schedule 59H of the Zoning Bylaw shall be prepared for the development to be approved by the Development Officer. The following additional requirement shall supersede the relevant regulations in Section 59 of the Zoning Bylaw.
h.All signage for the Site must be place on the Belvedere structure.

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