DC2 617

Glenora - 140 Street NW & 102A Avenue NW

Bylaw 13513 (November 4, 2003)


To accommodate low density residential development consisting of residential row housing with specific development regulations to provide transition between the existing single detached residential development north of the site, and existing high density residential and commercial development south of the site.

Lot 5 Block 101 Plan 3875P, located on Road between and Streets as shown on Schedule A annexed to the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision, Glenora.

a.Row Housing
b.Minor Home Based Business
a. The maximum number of Dwellings shall be 4.
b. The maximum site coverage shall not exceed 40%.
c. Each row house shall contain a basement level garage accessible only from the flanking public roadway, as shown on Appendix II.
d. The design of the building shall be generally as shown on Appendices II and III.
e. The minimum yard abutting 140 Street shall be 6.0 m.
f. The minimum yard abutting the neighboring residential property shall be 2.0 metres.
g. The minimum yard abutting 102A Avenue shall be 4.50 metres.
h. The minimum yard abutting the lane shall be 4.50 metres.
i. The maximum height shall not exceed 8.60 metres or 2 storeys.
j. A fence with a height of 2.0 metres shall be erected in the areas shown on Appendix I.
k. Amenity areas (patios) shall be provided as shown on Appendix I.
l. A detailed landscape plan shall be provided to meet the requirements of Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw.
m. Landscaping shall be provided along the north property line within the front yard, to provide a visual screen from the residential property to the north.
n. Landscaping shall include planting at the top of the driveway access slope between garage access to soften any visual effects of the driveway, as shown on Appendix I.
o. The slope of the driveway shall be such that cars are able to safely park in front of the garages to ensure viable on-site visitor parking.
p. The back and sides of the building shall be an attractive mixture of materials matching the front facade, particularly on the upper floor façade to ensure a pleasing amenity to all adjacent neighbours, as shown on Appendices II and III.
q. Windows on the northern side of the building shall be as shown on the drawing in Appendix III. Stairwell windows on the northern side of the building will consist of opaque material such as glass blocks.
r. The minimum length of parking pads located in the front yard shall be 5.5 metres.

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