DC2 616

Oliver - 99 Avenue and 114 Street

Bylaw 13284 (September 15, 2003)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control provision to accommodate low-rise, low density apartment housing and to establish site development regulations, which will ensure compatibility with surrounding land uses and a high quality of appearance.

This DC2 Provision shall apply to Lots 32 and 33, Block 13, Plan 349 AO; Condominium Plan 912 1282, Unit 315 (Lot 31); and a portion of road right of way closed by Bylaw 13475; located on 99 Avenue and 114 Street, as shown on Schedule A annexed to the Bylaw adopting this DC2 Provision.

a.Apartment Housing
b.Minor Home Based Business
c.Temporary On-premises Signs
d.Fascia On-premises Signs
e.Projecting On-premises Signs
a.The Site layout and building location shall be substantially in accordance with the Site plan as illustrated in Appendix I.
b.Development shall generally comply with the drawings in Appendix II.
c.The maximum number of Dwellings shall be ten (10).
d.The maximum total Site Coverage shall be 55%.
e.The minimum Front Yard shall be 3 m.
f.The minimum Rear Yard shall be 10 m.
g.The minimum Side Yard shall be 1.2 m on the west side and 3.05 m on the east side.
h.The building Height shall not exceed 14 m and four (4) Storeys. The building shall architecturally step down the slope and generally maintain four Storeys as illustrated in Appendix II.
i.Vehicular parking for residents shall be provided in an underground parkade with thirty vehicular parking stalls.
j.Visitor parking shall be limited to two parking stalls and provided within the drop off area within the front yard.
k.An outdoor Amenity Area of 15 m2 per Dwelling shall be provided.
l.Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59B of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.
m.All exterior finishing materials must be of good quality, durable, attractive in appearance and with consistent treatment on all faces of the building.
n.To ensure that a high standard of appearance and a sensitive transition to the surrounding land users are achieved, a detailed Landscaping plan for the entire site shall be submitted to and approved by the Development Officer. These plans shall include details of pavement materials, exterior lighting, sizes and species of new plantings for the entire site.
o.Lighting of the project shall be undertaken to provide security and to add visual interest. Lighting shall be directed away from adjacent residential areas and roadways.
p.All exterior mechanical, including roof top mechanical shall be screened to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
q.All on-site services for power, telephone, CATV shall be underground.

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