DC2 591

Avonmore - 7510 - 89 Street NW

Bylaw 12985 (July 2, 2002)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control Provision to:

a. accommodate a residential building suitable for people such as seniors who may require on-site communal facilities such as a dining hall, convenience commercial and personal service uses;
b. and to establish sensitive site development criteria to ensure that development will be compatible with the site’s prominent location abutting a public park and the Mill Creek Ravine, and low density residential land uses located north and east of the site.

Lot 71, Block 15, Plan 852 0487, containing 1.37 ha, more or less; located east of 127 Street and south of 152 Avenue, Baranow, as shown as Area "A" on Schedule "A" of this Bylaw, adopting this Provision.

a.Child Care Services
b.Minor Home Based Business
c.Residential Sales Centre
d.Semi-detached Housing
a. The Site layout and building location shall be in accordance with the Site plan as illustrated in Appendix I.
b. The minimum Site area shall be 300 m2 for each Semi-detached Dwelling unit.
c. The minimum Site Width shall be 9.0 m for each Semi-detached Dwelling unit.
d. The minimum Site depth shall be 33.0 m for each Semi-detached Dwelling unit.
e. The maximum building Height for Semi-detached Dwellings shall not exceed 9.0 m nor 1½ storeys, except that the maximum building Height shall not exceed 7.5 m nor 1 storey for Semi-detached Dwellings abutting the east and north property lines of the Site.
f. When a garage is attached to or designed as an integral part of a Semi-detached Dwelling unit, the maximum for the Semi-detached Dwelling unit shall be 40%.
g. The minimum front building Setback shall be 6.0 m to an internal road.
h. The minimum building Setback shall be 7.5 m to the east and north property lines of the Site, and to the Rear Yard of Semi-detached Dwelling units.
i. Side Yards shall be a minimum of 1.2 m between Semi-detached Dwelling units, except that the minimum Side Yard for buildings over 7.5 m shall be 2.0 m between Semi-detached Dwelling units.
j. Each Semi-detached Dwelling unit shall include a front attached garage.
k. Separation Space shall be provided between two or more Semi-detached Dwellings or portions thereof on the same site, in accordance with Section 48 of the Zoning Bylaw.
l. Landscaping shall be provided in accordance with Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw, and the following:
i. All Semi-detached Dwelling units shall have a minimum of 1 tree in the Rear Yard of the unit and 8 shrubs in the Front Yard of the unit.
ii. Each Semi-detached Dwelling unit backing onto the existing single detached residential lots to the east of the Site shall have a minimum of 3 trees in the Rear Yard of the unit.
iii. All trees required shall be a minimum height of 1.83 m if coniferous, and shall have a minimum caliper of 61 mm if deciduous.
m. To ensure that a high standard of appearance is achieved, detailed Landscaping plans shall be submitted with the initial Development Permit application for approval by the Development Officer in consultation with the Community Services Department. Such Landscaping plans shall be in accordance with Section 55 of the Zoning Bylaw and clause 4 (l) of this Bylaw, and shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
n. A 1.5 m chain link fence shall be provided along the south property line of the Site along the TransAlta utility right-of-way to preserve the open space view for Dwellings facing south.
o. A 1.8 m uniform screen fence shall be provided in the locations shown on Appendix I.
p. Where access to Semi-detached Dwelling units is provided by a private road, parking shall not be permitted on the private road.

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