DC2 552

Westmount - 11029 -11037 Groat Road NW

Bylaw 12505 (February 6, 2001)


To establish a District for convenience commercial, personal service, and minor alcohol sales uses located along arterial roadways that border residential areas and to allow for the development of a medical/dental clinic.

This area shall apply to Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Plan 792 0201, Westmount, as shown on Schedule "A" of this bylaw, adopting this district.

a.Alcohol Sales, Minor
b.Commercial Schools
c.Convenience Retail Stores
d.Gas Bars
e.General Retail Stores
f.Health Services
g.Indoor Participant Recreation Services
h.Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
i.Minor Secondhand Stores with a gross floor area less than 275 m2 (2,960.07 sq. ft.)
j.Minor Service Stations
k.Minor Veterinary Services
l.Personal Service Shops
m.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
n.Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
o.Residential Sales Centre

Development in this District shall comply with the provisions of Sections 310.4 and 310.5 of the Land Use Bylaw excluding Section 310.3(1).

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