DC2 546

Eaux Claires - north of 160 Avenue at approximately 90 Street

Bylaw 12398 (September 21, 2000)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District in accordance with the Eaux Claires Neighborhood Structure Plan to accommodate single and semi-detached residential development. The single detached use within this District shall comply with the standard RSL District while the semi-detached use shall be distinct from the RF4 District.

This DC2 District shall apply to a portion of the NW ¼ Sec. 33-53-24-W4 located north of 160 Avenue at approximately 90 Street, Eaux Claires, as shown on Schedule "A" of this bylaw, adopting this District.

a.Single Detached Housing
b.Semi-detached Housing
c.Limited Group Homes
d.Minor Home Occupations
e.Group Homes
f.Foster Homes
g.Child Care Services
h.Residential Sales Centre
i.Major Home Occupations
j.Secondary Suites

Single Detached Housing

That the 91 Street cul-de-sac be developed as single-detached housing in compliance with the regulations of the RSL District.


Semi-detached Housing

All Development Criteria for Semi-detached Housing shall comply with the Development Regulations for Permitted and Discretionary Uses as outlined in the RF4 District except for the following:

i. the minimum lot width shall be 7.3 m (24 ft.)
ii. the minimum lot depth shall be 30.0 m (98.4 ft.)
iii. the minimum site area shall be 220 m2 (2,368.1 sq.ft.)
iv. side yards shall be established on the following basis:
A. the minimum side yard shall be 1.2 m (3.94 ft.) except that the minimum side yard for buildings over 7.5 m (24.6 ft.) in height shall be 2 m (6.6 ft.)
B. where there is no lane abutting the site, one side yard shall be at least 3 m (9.8 ft.) for vehicular access, unless there is an attached garage or a garage which is an integral part of the dwelling.
C. on a corner site where the building fronts on the front yard, the minimum side yard abutting a flanking public roadway other than a lane shall be 20% of the site width, to a maximum requirement of 4.5 m (14.8 ft.); and
D. on a corner site where the building fronts on a flanking public roadway other than a lane, the minimum side yard abutting the flanking public roadway shall be 4.5 m (14.8 ft.)

All additional development criteria for discretionary uses shall comply with the Additional Development Criteria for Discretionary Uses outlined in the RSL and RF4 Districts.

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