DC2 544

Terwillegar Towne - south of 23 Avenue NW, west of 142 Street

Bylaw 12378 (September 19, 2000)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District to accommodate extended medical treatment services and medium density housing, including a limited range of convenience commercial and personal service uses, with specific development regulations to achieve a high quality development that will ensure compatibility with the adjacent residential and institutional land uses.

This DC2 District shall apply to a portion of Lot A, Block 1, Plan 992 6831, as shown on Schedule "C" - Map of this bylaw, adopting this district, Terwillegar Towne.

a.Apartment Housing
b.Boarding and Lodging Houses
c.Extended Medical Treatment Services
d.Health Services
e.Minor Home Occupations
f.Personal Service Shops, Convenience Retail Stores, Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments and Health Services when designed as an integral and secondary component of an Extended Medical Treatment Services facility
g.Residential Sales Centre
h.Stacked Row Housing including Row Housing and Linked Housing
a. The maximum number of continuing care beds associated with an Extended Medical Treatment Services facility shall be limited to 165 beds.
b. The maximum density for residential development shall be 125 units/ha.
c. The minimum site size shall be 800 m2 (8,611.41 sq. ft.).
d. The minimum site width shall be 20 m (65.6 ft.).
e. The maximum floor area ratio will be 1.3.
f. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 14 m (45.9 ft.) nor 4 storeys.
g. The minimum Front Yard shall be 6 m (19.7 ft.), located adjacent to the west property line and Tory Road. Landscaping treatment within this yard shall include the planting of mature deciduous trees [minimum caliper of 8 cm (3.1 in.)] and coniferous trees [a minimum height of 3 m (9.8 ft.)]. Planting within these yards shall consist of a minimum of 2 deciduous trees and 2 coniferous trees for each 35 lineal metres of frontage. Parking shall not be permitted in this yard.
h. The minimum Rear Yard shall be 7.5 m (24.6 ft.), located adjacent to the east property line and 142 Street as shown on Appendix I of this Bylaw. Parking will be permitted in this yard.
i. The minimum Side Yard on the north property line shall be 1 m (3.3 ft.) for each storey or partial storey, except that a total of at least 2 m (6.6 ft.) shall be provided in all cases. A side yard will not be provided on the south property line so as to allow for the linkage of the Extended Medical Treatment Services development on the adjacent parcel to the south. If no such linkage with the Extended Medical Treatment Services development occurs, side yard requirements for the south property line shall apply as on the north property line. No parking shall be permitted in the required side yards, where provided.
j. To ensure that a high standard of appearance and a sensitive transition to the surrounding land uses are achieved, detailed landscaping plans shall be submitted to the Development Officer at the time of application for the Development Permit which shall comply with the planting requirements specified by Clauses 4.(g), 4.(i) and 4(k) of this District.
k. The Development Officer shall require, as a condition of development approval, that the applicant provide an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of 100% of the established landscaping cost, with the conditions of the security being that:
i. if the landscaping is not completed in accordance with the provisions of this District and the landscaping plan, within one growing season after the completion of the development, then the amount fixed shall be paid to the City, for its use absolutely; and
ii. the Development Officer shall not release the letter of credit until an inspection of the site has demonstrated that the landscaping has been well maintained and is in a healthy condition one growing season after completion of the landscaping.
l. Access and egress will be restricted to adjacent public roadways, to the satisfaction of the General Manager of the Transportation and Streets Department.
m. Separation Space shall be provided in accordance with Section 58 of the Land Use Bylaw
n. A minimum amenity area of 7.5 m2 (80.7 sq. ft.) per Dwelling shall be provided.
o. Boarding and Lodging Houses shall be developed in accordance with Section 86 of the Land Use Bylaw.
p. Residential Sales Centres shall be developed in accordance with Section 95 of the Land Use Bylaw.
q. Minor Home Occupations shall be developed in accordance with Section 84 of the Land Use Bylaw.
r. The following regulations shall apply to Personal Service Shops and Convenience Retail Stores development:
i. the total gross floor area of these uses on any site shall not exceed 275 m2 (2,960.2 sq. ft.); and
ii. these uses shall not be permitted in any freestanding structure separate from a structure containing residential uses. Their principal entrance shall be a separate, outside entrance.
s. No outdoor parking, trash collection nor outdoor storage areas shall be permitted within a required front yard. Loading, trash collection and service areas shall be located, constructed and screened from the adjacent residential areas to the south, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
t. Any exterior lighting of the site shall be designed so that the lighting is directed away from the adjacent residential development to the west and north, and the intensity of illumination shall not extend beyond the boundaries of the site.
u. Signs may be allowed in this District in accordance with Schedule 79A and in accordance with the general provisions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9, inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw, except that the Development Officer may allow additional identification and on-site directional signs, which in his opinion, would be consistent with the scale and character of the development and would not prejudice the amenities of the surrounding residential neighbourhood.
v. The design and finishing of the development shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Officer having regard to achieving a compatible relationship with the adjacent residential development in conformance with the provisions of the Terwillegar Towne NASP and ensuring a high standard of appearance when viewed from adjacent public roadways, and as follows:
i. design techniques including, but not limited to, the use of sloped roofs, variations in building setbacks and articulation of building facades shall be employed in order to minimize the perception of massing of the building when viewed from the adjacent residential areas to the north;
ii. the roof line of buildings shall consist of either sloped roofs of varying pitches and may include gable-ends, dormers or steeples and be finished in metal or with wood shakes or asphalt shingles, clay tiles or roof materials having a similar texture and appearance; or flat roofs where they are concealed by parapet walls that include articulation and use of design elements that are in harmony with the principal architectural theme;
iii. the predominant exterior finishing materials shall consist of siding, brick, stucco, stone or other masonry materials having a similar character, with wood or metal trim limited to use as an accent, having regard to the objective of ensuring that the development is of a high quality that is compatible with the adjacent residential areas;
iv. all exposed sides of the buildings and the roofs shall be finished in a consistent harmonious manner;
v. the location of roof-top mechanical equipment, exhaust fans and other potential sources of excessive noise shall not be located adjacent to or in close proximity to the existing residential uses to the south; and
vi. elements of the Terwillegar Towne and Terwillegar Gardens urban design theme shall be incorporated in a consistent and harmonious manner.
w. Parking requirements shall be provided in accordance with Section 66 of the Land Use Bylaw.
x. Where apartment housing is to be developed as non-family housing specifically intended for older individuals, the parking requirements of Section 66A(5) of the Land Use Bylaw may be reduced by the Development Officer if it is shown that parking needs of the development can be met on site. Apartment housing containing a communal amenity area and providing meal service for the residents shall be deemed to conform to housing for senior citizens as defined in Section 66A(5).

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