DC2 540

Kinokamau Plains - west of 170 St and north of Yellowhead Trail (CNR rail yard)

Bylaw 12388 (August 22, 2000)

To establish a District to accommodate the preservation of the bed and shore of Kinokamau Lake and retention and maintenance of Kinokamau Lake conservation easement as a natural habitat in recognition of the private party conservation easement for Kinokamau Lake under the management of the owners of the land and Ducks Unlimited.

This DC5 District shall apply to bed, shores and upland of Kinokamau Lake under the legal descriptions: portions of Lots A and B, Plan 892 1403, Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 922 1279, a portion of NW 16-53-25-W4M, located west of 170 St and north of Yellowhead Trail (CNR rail yard), Kinokamau Plains, as shown on Schedule "C"- Map of this bylaw, adopting this district.

a. Preservation and conservation of the bed and shores of Kinokamau Lake in its natural form, as per the Appendix 1, and as indicated in the conservation easement; and
b. the following uses in the uplands areas (above the line of emergent vegetation) as shown in Appendix 1 only,
c. Natural Science Exhibits associated with Kinokamau Lake and upland habitat
d. Farms
e. General Industrial uses
f. Temporary Storage
g. Natural Resource Development
a.All development shall comply with the requirements of Sections 420.4 of the Land Use Bylaw.
b.All development except Natural Science Exhibits shall comply with a 50 m setback from the line of emergent vegetation as shown on Appendix 1.
c.The wetland identified on Appendix 1 shall be retained and enhanced for the purposes of creating a naturalized wetland environment containing, and capable of sustaining, native plant and wildlife communities. Floating nesting sites may be installed in the wetland to encourage waterfowl nesting and loafing. The wetland may also make provision for public access on a supervised basis.
d.A development setback a minimum of 50 metres in width shall be provided from the wetland normal water line of 678.2 m asl. This setback as per Appendix 1 may be increased at the discretion of the Development Officer for the purposes of ensuring an adequate separation distance between the wetland high water line and the adjoining uses. However, a temporary private road may be constructed at the north end of the lake within the 50 m setback from the wetland for the purpose of gaining access from Area B to Area C or for the purposes of controlled access to the wetland itself. Appropriate drainage measures shall be incorporated into the roadway system so as not to impede the flow of water into or out of the lake.
e.The maximum Height shall not exceed 18.0 m (59.04 ft.), except that the Development Officer shall permit a greater Height for a structure or building accommodating a General Industrial Use up to a maximum of 25 m (82.02 ft.) where this is required to facilitate the industrial development of the use involved
f.All conditions contained in the approval for clay extraction shall be administered by the Provincial authority having regulatory jurisdiction for such approvals.
g.Section 79H - Sign Schedule for Land Use Districts shall apply to development of this district.
h.Natural Science Exhibits shall comply with the requirements of Sections 540.4 of the Land Use Bylaw.
i.An overall site reclamation plan shall be submitted to, and approved by, the Development Officer and affected Provincial Authorities having regulatory jurisdiction prior to decommissioning of the site.
j.All development shall comply with the Performance Standards for Industrial Development and the IM District under Section 73 of the Land Use Bylaw, with regard to emission of air and water contaminants, noise, fire and explosion hazards, and appearance.
k.The Kinokamau Lake Wetland will be operated by the owners of the land and Ducks Unlimited and allowed to fluctuate between elevations 678.0 and 678.8 m above sea level.
l.The Kinokamau Lake Wetland shall not be used as a stormwater facility. Any drainage into Kinokamau Lake from lands within its natural drainage basin (as it existed in 1999) shall be at pre-development discharge rates and at pre-development annual quantities and shall meet acceptable water quality standards for the wetland to sustain its present productivity to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with the City Engineer.
m.The development of the upland habitat outside of the 50 m setback shall be developed and maintained in accordance with a conservation easement between the owners of the land and Ducks Unlimited

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