DC2 535

Blackburne - North of 9 Avenue SW (Ellerslie Road) and West of Calgary Trail South 

Bylaw 12328 (June 12, 2000)

To provide a Site Specific Development Control District to incorporate specific provisions for the accommodation of a greenhouse and plant nursery, tree farm, general retail store, home occupation, accessory residential development, and accessory uses, in a manner that is compatible with adjacent land uses.

Lots E and F, Plan 6157 NY, and that portion of the SE 29-51-24-4 described in Certificate of Title Number 842 146 999, and shown on Figure 1, attached, Blackburne, as shown Schedule "A" of this bylaw, adopting this DC5 District.

a.Apartment Housing
b.General Retail Stores
c.Greenhouses and Plant Nurseries
d.Major Home Occupations
e.Single Detached Housing
a. A minimum 7.5 m (24.6 ft.) landscaped yard shall be provided on approximately the eastern half of the site, along the north property line. Landscaping shall include both coniferous and deciduous trees in accordance with Section 69 of the Land Use Bylaw and shall be done in a manner to adequately screen non-residential uses from adjacent residential uses to the north.
b. A minimum 7.5 m (24.6 ft.) landscaped yard shall be provided along the south and east property lines.
c. The existing vegetation (tree stands) located on the west third of the site shall remain in its present pristine state.
d. Access shall be provided on the south boundary of the subject site from Ellerslie Road, at its" planned intersection with the service road serving properties south of Ellerslie Road, to the satisfaction of the Transportation and Streets Department.
e. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0.
f. The maximum building height shall be 12.0 m (39.6 ft) or two and a half (2½) storeys
g. There shall be no development within 7.5 m (24.6 ft.) of the established North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Top-of-Bank survey line (Figure).
h. There shall be a minimum 5.0 m (16.4 ft.) sign setback and a minimum 15.0 m (49.2 ft.) building setback from Calgary Trail, in accordance with the Highway 2 Corridor Design Guidelines.
i. Signage shall be in accordance with Section 79E of the Land Use Bylaw and the Highway 2 Corridor Design Guidelines and shall be oriented away from the adjacent residential neighbourhood to the north.
j. In addition to Sections 62 and 77 of the Land Use Bylaw, exterior lighting shall be directed away from adjacent residential neighbourhood to the north
k. Off-street parking shall be provided in accordance with Sections 66 and 67 of the Land Use Bylaw.
l. The loading, display and/or storage of stockpiles of soil, gravel or other similar materials shall not be located along the north property line and shall be adequately screened from abutting properties and/or abutting public roadways.
m. The following regulations shall apply to Apartment Housing:
i. Apartment Housing dwelling units shall be limited to one (1);
ii. The Apartment Housing dwelling unit shall be accessory and attached to the greenhouse and plant nursery use;
iii. The Apartment Housing dwelling unit shall have access at grade, which is separate from the access to the greenhouse and nursery use
n. Development in this District will be evaluated with respect to compliance with the general development regulations of Sections 50 to 79 inclusive, of the Land Use Bylaw. In this evaluation, the Development Officer may grant relaxations to these regulations if, in his opinion, such a variance would be in keeping with the General Purpose of this District and would not affect the amenities, use, or enjoyment of neighbouring properties.

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