DC2 515

CPR West - east of 104 Avenue NW and north of 63 Avenue NW

Bylaw 12168 (Nov. 8, 1999)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District that accommodates a wide range of commercial uses on a large site with good visibility and access to a major arterial, and also recognizes the need to limit the range of commercial, residential or other sensitive uses in order to provide protection for any future users from environmental contamination on the site.

This District shall apply to Lot 1A, Block 77, Plan 5062 RS; Lot B1, Block 77, Plan 922 1254; Lots 5 to 9, 22, 23 and OT, Block 74, Plan 5740 AI; Lot B, Block 74, Plan 917 BP; Lots B and C, Block 77, Plan 4022 HW; Block B, Plan 3921 EU; Lot 52, Block RLY, Plan 4633 AW; Block OT, Plan 5740 AI, as shown on Schedule "A" appended to the Bylaw adopting this District, CPR West.

Uses that would accommodate children 4 years and under on the site for extended and continuous periods of time will not be allowed. The following uses are allowed:

a.Alcohol Sales, Major
b.Alcohol Sales, Minor
c.Animal Hospitals and Shelters
d.Auctioneering Establishments
e.Automotive and Equipment Repair Shops
f.Automotive/Minor Recreational Vehicle Sales/Rentals
g.Broadcasting and Motion Picture Studios
h.Business Support Services
j.Commercial Schools
k.Convenience Vehicle Rentals
l.Cremation and Interment Services
m.Custom Manufacturing
n.Drive-in Food Services
o.Equipment Rentals
p.Flea Markets
q.Fleet Services
r.Funeral Services
s.Gas Bars
t.General Retail
u.Government Services
v.Greenhouses and Plant Nurseries
w.Health Services
y.Household Repair Services
z.Indoor Participant Recreation Services
aa. Limited Contractor Services
bb.Major and Minor Amusement Establishments
cc.Major Eating and Drinking Establishments
dd.Major Secondhand Stores
ee.Major Service Stations
ff.Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
gg.Minor Secondhand Stores
hh.Minor Service Stations
ii.Minor Veterinary Services
jj.Mobile Catering Food Services
ll.Non-accessory Parking
mm.Outdoor Amusement Establishments
nn.Personal Service Shops
oo. Private Clubs
pp.Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
qq.Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
rr.Recycled Materials Drop-off Centres
ss.Recycling Depots
tt.Residential Sales Centres
uu.Spectator Entertainment Establishments
vv.Spectator Sports Establishments
ww.Truck and Mobile Home Sales/Rentals
xx.Warehouse Sales
a.Development shall comply with all development regulations listed under Sections 340.4 and 340.5
b.Sealed asphalt pavement or building foundations, maintained in reasonable condition shall cover the entire site with the exception of the 4.5 m (14.8 ft.) yard adjacent to 63 Avenue and 104 Street.
c.Landscaping requirements as outlined in Section 69 of the Land Use Bylaw shall be met. The Development Officer may vary or waive the landscaping requirements adjacent to 65 Avenue if alternative landscaping methods such as earth berming, masonry walls, screen fencing or other man-made features are provided and if additional plantings are provided within the abutting boulevard, to buffer the view of vehicle parking, storage and loading spaces from 65 Avenue to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.
d.No activities which involve permanently removing all or a portion of the sealed pavement will be allowed without an assessment of the risk management being approved by Alberta Environmental Protection and Capital Health Authority.

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