DC2 492

Baranow - north of 152 Avenue between 127 and 126 Streets

Bylaw 11942 (January 11, 1999)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District to accommodate a limited range of medium density residential and related uses and to establish site development criteria that will ensure compatibility with surrounding residential and commercial development and transportation infrastructure.

This DC5 District shall apply to Lots 5 and 6, Block 68, Plan 872 2455, a 0.87 hectare parcel located north of 152 Avenue between 127 and 126 Streets, Baranow, as shown on Schedule "A" appended to the bylaw adopting this District

a. Apartment Housing
b. Child Care Services
c. Home Occupations, Minor
d. Residential Sales Centre
e. Stacked Row Housing including Row Housing and Linked Housing

Development in this District shall comply with the requirements of Sections 210.4 and 210.5 of the Land Use Bylaw except for the following criteria:

a. the maximum Density shall be 100 dwelling units/ha;
b. the maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0;
c. landscaped yards shall be provided as follows:
i. 7.5 m in width along the north property line,
ii. 6.0 m in width along the east and west property lines, and
iii. 4.5m in width along the south property line
d. a 1.83 m uniform screen fence shall be provided along the north and east property lines;
e. a 1.83 m uniform screen fence or a 1.0 m berm centered on the property line shall be provided along the east property line;
f. a 1.0 m berm centered on the property line shall be provided along the west side of the property;
g. a 1.0 m berm centered on the property line shall be provided along the south side of the property where it abuts the parking lot up to the entrance and a 1.83 m screen fence shall be provided along the remaining south property line where it flanks onto the building;
h. in locations where the fence line stops, a tiered reduction in height may be used to ease the visual transition;
i. landscaping treatment shall consist of one tree for each 30 m2 and one shrub for each 15 m2 of required yard at grade; for the purposes of calculating the total yard area to determine landscaping requirements, a 6.0 m yard along the south side of the property shall be used;
j. deciduous trees provided shall have a minimum caliper of 75 mm and coniferous trees shall be a minimum of 3.0 m in height;
k. no reduction in the required amount of landscaping for the site shall be permitted;
l. to ensure that a high standard of appearance and a sensitive transition to the surrounding land uses are achieved, detailed landscaping plans showing yard and site interior landscaping, will be submitted with the initial Development Permit Application for approval by the Development Officer that, in the opinion of the Development Officer, comply with the landscaping requirements specified in clauses 4 d) through 4 k) of this District;
m. no parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display areas shall be permitted within a required yard, and trash collection areas shall be screened from view from any adjacent site or public roadway;
n. the Development Officer may grant relaxations to the regulations contained in Sections 50 to 79 of the Land Use Bylaw and the provisions of this District if, in his opinion, such a variance would be in keeping with the general purpose of this District and would not adversely affect the amenities, use or enjoyment of neighbouring properties; and
o. Signs shall be allowed in this District in accordance with Schedule 79B and the general provisions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9, inclusive, of the Land Use Bylaw.

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