DC2 489

Tipaskan - 3206  82 Street

Bylaw 11809 (January 11, 1999)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District for neighbourhood convenience commercial and personal service uses to serve the day-to-day commercial needs of residents within the surrounding community and to ensure the site"s compatibility with the surrounding low density residential neighbourhood.

This DC5 District shall apply to Plan 762 1725, Block 20, Lot 113; located at 3206  82 Street, as shown on Schedule "A" of this Bylaw, Tipaskan

a. Child Care Services
b. Commercial Schools
c. Convenience Retail Stores
d. Drive-in Food Services
e. Gas Bars
f. General Retail Stores up to a maximum gross floor area of 465 m2 (5,005.22 sq. ft.)
g. Government Services
h. Health Services
i. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
j. Minor Amusement Establishments
k. Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
l. Minor Secondhand Stores with a gross floor area less than 275 m2 (2,960.07 sq. ft.)
m. Minor Services Stations
n. Minor Veterinary Services
o. Personal Service Shops
p. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
q. Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services
a. All development in this District shall comply with the requirements of Section 750.4 of the Land Use Bylaw, unless specifically excluded or modified by this DC5 Bylaw.
b. Except as limited in the Uses set out in Section 3 of this DC5 Bylaw, the maximum gross floor area of any individual business premise for a Use shall not exceed 1,000 m2 (10,763.90 sq. ft).
c. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 1.0.
d. A minimum yard of 3 m (9.84 ft) shall be required where the rear lot line abuts the lane in back of the residential lots on 85 Street and where the side lot line abuts the lane in back of the residential lots on Lakewood Road North. A minimum yard of not less than 1.5 m (4.92 ft) shall be required where the site abuts 34 Avenue and 82 Street.
e. Where the site has street frontage contiguous with that of a Residential District, the minimum building setback shall be equal to that required for the Residential District.
f. The maximum building height shall not exceed 10 m (32.80 ft.) nor 2½ stories.
g. Where Use Classes, that in the opinion of the Development Officer may create negative impacts such as noise, light or odours which may be noticeable on adjacent properties, and where the development site containing such Use Classes is directly adjacent to land used or districted to be used for residential activities, the Development Officer may, at the Development Officer"s discretion, require that these potential impacts be minimized or negated, to the Development Officer"s satisfaction, through a variety of measures including landscaping, berming or screening which may exceed the requirement of Section 69 of the Land Use Bylaw, noise attenuation measures such as structural soundproofing, downward direction of all exterior lighting on the proposed development and/or other measures as the Development Officer may deem appropriate.
h. Vehicular-oriented Uses shall be developed in accordance with Section 82 of the Land Use Bylaw.
i. Signs shall be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general provisions of Section 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive of the Land Use Bylaw.

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