DC2 486

Summerlea - 9004 - 175 Street NW & 17504 - 90 Avenue NW

Bylaw 11888 (November 10, 1998)

To establish a Site Specific Development Control District to accommodate a hotel.

This district shall apply to Lot 7, Block 29, Plan 832 2082, as shown on Schedule "A" appended to the Bylaw adopting this DC5 District, Summerlea.

a. Hotel
a. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0.
b. The maximum building Height shall not exceed 14 m (45.93 ft.).
c. Landscaped Yards shall be provided as follows:
i. a minimum of 3.0 m (9.84 ft.) shall be provided along the east, north and west property lines.
ii. a minimum of 4.5 m (14.76 ft.) shall be provided along the south property line.
d. The Development Officer shall not grant relaxations to the Required Off-street Vehicular Accessory Parking regulations contained in Schedule 66A of the Land Use Bylaw.
e. Signs shall be allowed in this District as provided for in Schedule 79D and in accordance with the general provisions of Sections 79.1 to 79.9 inclusive, of the Land Use Bylaw.

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