DC2 463

Belvedere - 13103 Fort Road NW

Bylaw 11759 (June 23, 1998)

To establish a site specific development control district to accommodate the development of an entertainment centre that includes a hotel, casino, dinner theatre, nightclub, restaurants and a facility for conventions and spectator entertainment events.

The DC5 District shall apply to Lot 7, Block 2, Plan 912 3614 and Lot 8, Block 2, Plan 932 2108, located at 13103 - Fort Road, Belvedere.

a. Apartment Hotels
b. Broadcasting and Motion Picture Studios
c. Business Support Services
d. Casinos and Other Gaming Establishments
e. Convenient Retail Stores
f. Convenience Vehicle Rentals
g. Drive-in Food Services
h. Gas Bars
i. Government Services
j. Hotels
k. Indoor Participant Recreation Services
l. Major and Minor Alcohol Sales
m. Major and Minor Amusement Establishments
n. Major and Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments
o. Major and Minor Service Stations
p. Motels
q. Personal Service Shops
r. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services
s. Residential Sales Centre
t. Spectator Entertainment Establishments
a. The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0
b. The minimum front yard shall be 7.5m (24.60 ft.)
c. In addition to the yard requirements of Clause (b) above, the Development Officer may require an additional setback for that portion of any development which exceeds 14m (45.93 ft.) in height in order to protect the privacy of any adjacent residential development. The Development Officer shall not require a total setback greater than the height of the building.
d. No parking, loading, storage, trash collection, outdoor service or display area shall be permitted within a required yard. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be located to the rear or sides of the principal building and shall be screened from view from any adjacent sites, public roadways or Light Rail Transit lines in accordance with the provisions of subsection 69.4 of this by-law.
e. The maximum building height shall be 14m (45.93 ft.), except the maximum height for a hotel or apartment hotel shall be 33m (108.27 ft.)or 10 storeys.
f. All exposed building face shall have consistent and harmonious exterior finishing materials.
a. Casinos and Other Gaming Establishments shall be limited to a casino use only.
b. Major and Minor Alcohol Sales shall be developed in accordance with Section 98 of this Bylaw.
c. Convenient Retail Stores, Convenient Vehicle Rentals and Personal Service Shops may be developed only as uses ancillary to an Office, Motel, Hotel, Gas Bar, or Minor or Major Service Station development.
d. Indoor Participant Recreation Services may be developed only as ancillary to a Hotel, Motel or Office development.
e. The siting and access for the following developments shall be to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, who shall ensure that such developments do not prejudice the safety and transportation functions of Highway Entrance and Limited Access roadways:
i. Drive-in Food Services;
ii. Major Eating and Drinking Establishments;
iii. Professional, Financial and Office Support Services;
iv. Spectator Entertainment Establishments; and Casinos and other Gaming Establishment.
f. Residential Sales Centres shall be developed in accordance with Section 67.3 of this Bylaw.
g. All parking areas shall be hard-surfaced in accordance with Section 67.3 of this Bylaw.
h. Parking development shall be in accordance with Sections 65 and 66 of this Bylaw and shall be generally in accordance with schematic site plan as in Appendix I.
i. Landscaping shall be developed in accordance with Section 69 of this Bylaw.
j. That any Development Application for a Casino include all the elements identified as Stage 1 on Appendix I.

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